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Originally Posted by jmac7142
Isn't Darth_Ave a girl?

Yeah, she is:

What the **** is this 2 character minimum bull****?
hehe, the best comment was Darth Tepe's. His post is edited now, but here's how it read.
Originally Posted by Darth Tepe
And Ave, you just cannot say your mother likes it. If she has a face of disgust on his face, you'll know she's doing what mothers do to their children; Lie.
Besides, now that we start to think about it, maybe she wants you to be a girl.
heh, I think insane sith's post confused him. I wasn't really sure what he meant for a second but then it hit me. And then I just sort of sat there in the awkward silence that followed.

By the way, I like lesbians.
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