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You see I can easily spam protect and speed to beat the masters but that doesn't help me get any better now does it? You may not know this but even on Jedi Knight difficulty but it's possible to beat the Reborn Masters in toe-to-toe saber combat without using anything but absorb and your lightsaber. It's very hard but it's not impossible. I've done it numerous times (and lost numerous times also), so Zat maybe your the one who's not very good at this game. My goal is to be able to practice and get good enough to do that over and over again without losing. And Tinny, thx for the advice when every here and there I don't feel like trying to beat them the hard way, I just do that. And to Zat again, the guy with the green saber is me and the guy wearing the gas mask is you.... .........this is what you look like 5 minutes later:

Your auto-blocking is in vain! Only SP source code modification can allow you to block my desann-style attacks without being staggered now!
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