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Did Yoda succumb to Dark Side Temptation?

In slowly writing my Yoda's Master fiction (shameless plug), i started a rather heated debate with some friends about my interpretation of the Senate Arena battle.

At the very end of the fight, just before Yoda is flung to the floor, he struggles against Sidious's powerful lightning and I think it was pretty evident that he couldn't block it much longer.

However, the camera focuses in on Yoda and in a final burst of strength he repels the lightning and makes his escape......However on thing about the scene bugs me...and give rise to my interpretation.

The camera focus on Yoda's eyes and then flashes to Sidous who in mid cackle makes a choking cry of pain. Most see this has his surprise at Yoda's last ditch efforts...I see it though as Yoda succumbing ever so slightly to the Dark side. I see it as Yoda initating a Force Choke.

I think it's suiting in a way, showing that not even the mightiest escaped the darkness tainting the Republic, and it makes Yoda's words to Organa all that much more sad and poigant, in addition adding a deeper reason for going into solitary exile.

What are your thoughts?
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