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Originally Posted by Miss_Mayhem
LOL, Cheez, you crack me up! But seriously, why all the hatin'? I mean, c'mon Jmac, for someone that's trying to act cool you sure don't seem to realize how retarted (NO! not retarded, retarted, that's how unintelligle this is becoming) it is to fight online and try to upkeep it's existance. You're basically attacking everyone here and actually fighting to keep this argument alive. And Smon's comment was more meant as a joke than a threat as he didn't challenge you, he was a spectator. So don't hate! Especially people who hadn't done anything until you made them act!

Everyone else, you're my friends but please, let's just stop this right now and not encourage him. Better yet, why don't we make this thread semi-intelligent by making peace? That's what I'd do. So here it is: Jmac, I forgive you (You never said anything to me, but your attitude really put me off and made me hate you), but don't act like such a jerk from now on. Flaming from this point, or more specifically, flaming this post just proves my previous opinion right, and will end in something Vocabu-pwning! And everyone else, just put this all behind you for the love of Tim's next game!!!

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