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When did Yoda use force lightning in AOTC? I thought he only reflected Dooku's bursts. guess I need to watch it again.

In any case you are right the force powers themselves aren't necessarily good or evil, but there is such a strong and vastly differing intent that in sometimes the difference becomes almost invisible.

Case in point force choke/lightning the intent of these powers is to take life a painfully as possible. While both sides take life in the course of fulfilling duty, a pure Lightsider strives not to inflict anymore pain than absolutly necessary. Which makes it unlikely that for Lightsider to use such a power unless they are so estranged from normality that they fell it necessary. Which opens the gateway to toehr things, enjoying the release of power, the joy of inflicting harm on such a hated enemy, etc, which could turn them to the Darkside.

Or at least that's my interpretation.. Maybe i have been working at my stories too much . My story...assuming i ever get it finished, is mroe about Yoda, as it is about his Master. The part of the story that brought the whole debate was my fictionalizing the Arena battle, with Yoda's memories about His Master and his gray teachings.

In that moment of desperation when the entire fate of the Republic rested upon his shoulders, he saw truth in what his master said and gave into his anger, Force choking Sidious....but only briefly before shock at his actions set in, opening him completly to the burst.

And then so on and so on.. It going very very very slowly.
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