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I think that population caps as they are now, arent very realistic. For current RTS games pop. caps are just that a set cap that wont ever raise past a certain point. Unless you capture something (for example a planet).

Population caps should be more involving in strategy. For example they are really a recommendation. You can go over but then maintenace is lowered for everything as a whole, and in the long run it isnt a good idea. On the galactic view, a pop cap should be about planets, space stations controlled (as it is right now). BUT on a tactical view the population cap should deal with tactical factors, that are always changing.

Idk, I have ideas but they are vague and not thought out (as you can probaby tell ). It would be a GREAT idea for Petro to implement a Random Reinforcement Point that changes its value from say 2-5 on different times you invade a planet. That way it isnt always the same and it is harder to base a land invasion on what you alreay know the pop. caps are. But yeah im going off topic .

Right now, population caps need work. They are friendly for now, but if I continue to see them in RTS games for the next years with no innovation then I will get sick of it. lol.

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