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Restoring old Falcon and YT-1300

I'll take a stab at this in case someone in here might know...

I had installed Master Qui-Gon's great Falcon and YT-1300 transports found at Darksaber’s X-Wing Station. I decided in the end to go back to the original XWA versions...

Anyway, how do I go about undoing the changes? I started with replacing the original opt files back into the FLIGHTMODELS directory. This returns the exterior ship models back to the originals, but now the old cockpit does not show up. If I use the new cockpit model, it is ok.

I assume that the cockpit coordinates have been updated to use the new cockpit, and don't align right with the old cockpit model. Is this what might be happening? Since I have replaced both the Falcon and the YT-1300, I'm not sure what the original coordinates for the cockpit are.

Can someone provide me with the X,Y,Z for the original cockpit POV from mxvted? Is this all I have to do to return everything back to the XWA default?

Thanks for any help!

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