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Aranos watched this new Sith. He was interested, he had never heard of this so called 'Lord Konohomaru', and this worried him. But that was all that worried him, no one is so powerful that they cannot be killed and it mattered little to him whether it was Malus or Konohomaru who died first, he was quite powerful enough to take out the other one.
"Arken, trading insults isn't going to get us anywhere. Lord Konohomaru is obviously powerful enough to kill us in an instant if he so chooses." He turned and bowed to Konohomaru, "Is that not right, my lord?

"Good and evil are but points of view. Many would call me evil for the things I have done, but to myself and to my followers, I am the saviour of the galaxy. I have not shirked from my duty because it is unpleasant or because others will disapprove. I regret the deaths I have caused on this path, but they were necessary to prevent far greater evil. So, Jedi, who are you to say what I do is wrong?"

-Darth Xenus, Emperor of the Sith
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