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Originally Posted by katanamaru
When you go toe-to-toe with them you are just being overly aggressive and forgetting about defensive meassures. You may not want to back down sometimes but it is nessesary especially if you don't use that much force. You can try using more heal and drain to make up for the damage you take. The reborn masters have a more powerful class and saber for themselves. If you want to see what I mean make an npc with the class reborn master or even desann and then use thier saber and spawn one and take it on. You'll fare much better.
The thing is though right now I'm using the Escape from Yavin IV mod which redoes a lot of the sabers, you can pickup up lightsabers from fallen enemies and each saber has different stats. The single-using reborn masters use the desann saber which has +1s in certain areas which isn't much at all. And it seems nearly impossible to get an attack on them because they use fast style (the mod redoes some npcs) and their attacks are already faster in the first place. Besides the way I fight them is I go toe-to-toe and then I might back off and then come back for more (even bosses and reborn masters runaway from you sometimes like the Reborn Masters jump and roll away from me a lot). The problem is they seem to have better saber defense because they usually can automatically counter and then attack instantly. But since this isn't really getting us anywhere I'm going to have a look around at the npc and sab files for the mod and the default ones that come with JA. I'm going to try and figure out why their attacks are so freaking fast. I am overly aggressive sometimes. When I have the game on Jedi difficulty I can go toe to toe with the masters with occasional defensive maneuvers and win with a good chunk of health left but Jedi Knight difficulty is more complicated.

Your auto-blocking is in vain! Only SP source code modification can allow you to block my desann-style attacks without being staggered now!
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