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[TSL] mjpb3's Atris' Robes

Atris Robes for female PCs and female partymembers. These robes will replace the Padawan, Dark Padawan, Baran Do Novice, Jedi, Dark Jedi, Norris, Baran Do Sage, Ossus Keeper, and Jolee's robes with a remodeled model file and reskinned versions of Atris' robes for female PCs and female crewmembers.

The model file was done by the incomparable oldflash. oldflash "disconnected" the head from the Atris model and made the robe model file in this mod. He very graciously allowed me to do reskins and release this mod. Thanks so very much oldflash. You still rock!

These are STRICTLY for females.


Please view the mod page for installation instructions.


Here's the link:


As always, feedback is welcomed.


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