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Psychonauts action figures!

Ok, it's just a custom made Raz figure that I made. I spent a decent amount of time on him, so be nice. I know the picture quality isn't the best, I apologize. I don't have the best camera. He's made from a Teen Titans Beast boy action figure, with lots of Super Sculpey used. He's pretty poseable. That was a big thing for me. I didn't want some unmoveable statue. I'm pretty happy with him. He could defiantly be better, but he turned out better then I originally thouhgt he would.

I think that making the head was defiantly the hardest part. I tried hard to get the same look that he had in the game. His goggles are removeable. They can be put on top of his head or over his eyes. I had to make them so far apart, because they looked weird when he had them up on his head. And that's where I think I'll keep them more often. So when he wears them over his eyes, they don't look to great. It was a compromise I had to make.

He's also got magnets in his feet, to help off-set the weight of his giant head. I'm working on some accessories like bacon, button, Psi-blast, G-men disguises amd a Ford kruller head.

There's also a picture of Jade and Peyj action figures from Beyond Good and Evil in there. Neither one is finished yet, but they are getting there. I might make some other characters from the either game like the Censors, Dr. Loboto or Alpha sector guys if I ever get the time.

Thanks for looking. Any construcitve criticism, taunting, name calling, fellow fan made figures, anything is welcome. Plus, I'm considering sending these pictures to Tim over at Doublefine. I dunno. Do you think I should?
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