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Angry You've got to be kidding me

Ok, I've had it, I'm gonna try to explain this one more time and see if it gets through your heads:
About a week ago, I posted here asking about a certain movie, apparently based on Grim Fandango, I was answered by some loser not only the rumour was fake, but also that I had made the whole thing up and spread it all over the internet (which implies that in a few hours/days, I created 5 different movie-related websites from scratch, wrote enough articles in those sites just in case someone suspected they were fake, create a LOT of forum posts linking to these sites so that google would crawl them quickly and spark enough controversy so that this information would actually get to sites like gamespot, worldofmi and a lot of other sites with enough reputation not to believe the first thing they read on some random forum. WELL THAT SOUNDS PLAUSIBLE!) and some other losers are taking this as absolute truth. So now every time I write something here I always have someone telling me how much I suck for what I did. Well, I'm not gonna waste my time trying to convince you that I didn't, if you have braincells that actually work, you'll realize how ridiculous this idea is.
I rest my case.
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