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Originally Posted by Nick_Virago
I added some new information on wikipedia regarding the credits and all, according to what I had read so far.
The thing with Wikipedia is that you can view every change made to a page, and who made it... so from here we can see that the page was created by Wesborland, then Dcclark fixed a few links. On July 17th Ja2ke adding in a proposition to delete the article, and the same day Wesborland deleted that proposition (against the rules) and added in a description game and production details.

I'm not trying just trying to get you in trouble or anything. I report news like that to a lot of people on my GF site, so when I hear a story like this one I have to find out if it's true or not. And right now it's looking very unlikely.

By the way, on the 18th Ja2ke put up the deletion proposition again and someone else called Yankees2003 deleted it. Different person...?

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