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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
I've always liked the Atris robe but my female PC was "jealous" she couldn't have such finery for her own wardrobe... problem fixed AND with better choices than the snooty Atris has.. neener neener hehehe...
Oh, me too. I wanted Atris' robes since I first played the game and almost had a conniption fit when I figured out that the head was attached to the model. Grrr!

But oldflash came through again.

Originally Posted by oldflash
I'm glad you did this mod. I really like-it.
Thank you oldflash. Thanks for making the model file in the first place!

You just don't know how long I have wanted those robes! Everytime I did the scene of meeting Atris for the first time I would grump and grumble wanting her robes.

As Chainz wrote above, now EXILE and female partymembers have better looking robes than Atris. Ninny ninny boo boo @ Atris.

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