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[TSL] ABCoLD's Skip Peragus

You can download this mod at: PCGameMods
If PCGameMods is down yet again you can also get it from my site.

This mod is a simple one that allows you to skip past most of the boring bits of Peragus. It functions simply by actually adding an additional dialogue option to intro.dlg, which is the first dialogue that fires during the tutorial. It will cause you to move past most of Peragus to the Storage room. This room connects directly to the room overlooking the Ebon Hawk. It should be rather simple to reach it from there. And of course it also provides you with some equipment, credits and experience to start out with. A little more or less than the average player would have at this point in the game.

If you choose not to activate the Skip Peragus mod, it should have absolutely no conflict with the rest of your gaming experience.

To install, copy the files from the override folder into your own override folder.

To uninstall remove the following files from your override folder:

---What I did
Modified intro.dlg
-Added additional option to End Dialog, [Skip to the storage room on Peragus]
-Used ingame functions to set Revan's Gender and Alignment
-Used ingame functions to increase or not increase T3 Influence
-Used ingame functions to increase Kreia OR Atton's Influence
-Called script Varwarp to end intro

Added Varwarp script. It will warp character to new area, add party members, set global conditions, add the Force Chain feat, and provide the character with starting equipment.

---Thanks to:
stoffe -mkb- For helping with a bunch of stuff whether he/she knows it or not. (Also the most prolific author of Mods, as far as my override folder is concerned. )

Fred Tetra (Did I spell that right?) For KTool which now has an awesome compile function, even if it doesn't like saving things. And also for Kotor Tool in general and of course for also having the scariest avatar pics ever.

Super Squall His skip Peragus mod gave me an idea where to start, an understanding of what I did and didn't want to do with my mod and basically making things a bit easier.

Modding is a lot like this: But hurts your brain more and is strangely fun at the same time...

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