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Star Wars: Defiance

Hello there...

First of all, i'm sorry i haven't post at my other Fan-fic anymore. I simply can't think of any more adventures for Obi-Wan. Maybe i will continue it someday though... the point...
This is my second Fan-fic ever (after my imo, bad first one). I've started writing this one during my exams, purely to keep myself together, and don't give into my nerves.
I found my inspiration in some 'strange' things about the Star Wars movie 'The Empire Strikes Back." I always found it quit strange that Darth Vader talked about 'Skywalker' in the first scenes, as if it's an enemy, while he later on talks to Luke in a more emotional (read: fatherly) way. I also wondered what Luke would do with the information provided by Ben. (That his father was a Jedi.)

I tried to use every advice i was given after my first fan-fic.
Note: English isn't my primary language. Although i used the Spelling checker a lot more now, mistakes are inevitable. I'm sorry in advance

Star Wars: Defiant

Part 1: Wake Up
Rokar woke up. The heater was humming, the communications computer was beeping, but something didn’t feel right. He slowly lifted his arm, searching for his blaster. He kept his eyes straight for the door, as his hand kept searching around his pillow. Then, all of a sudden, the door opened, and a blinding light blinded his eyes. He couldn’t see anything for a couple of seconds, and his hand still hadn’t found his blaster.
“What the….”
As Rokar’s eyes got used to the light, he saw a small droid standing in the door.
Rokar yawned, as he stepped out of bed. He quickly pulled on a brown leather jacket, and slowly turned around to find his blaster behind the bed.
“Beep! Beep! Boo-woo!”
“Yeah, yeah…coming…”
He hung the blaster in his belt, which also contained a small communicator, keys and a little golden tube. He turned around again, facing the droid now.
“What time is it?”
“Bwoop, Bweeeee”
“Yeah, yeah…I’ll follow…”
As the droid leads him through the hallway, he pulls his right hand through his little beard.
“So much for the famous shaving machines of the Rebellion…”
A door opened before them. The room was darker, and crammed full of monitors. A huge glass-like panel filled the centre, and a young women and man sat around it talking about the things shown on the panel. When they saw him, they lifted their hands, saying hello. Rokar just winked, and walked on, following the droid. Another door opened. The walls were made out of snow now. As the snow crunched under his feet, the droid started to beep again.
“Yes, what is it?”
“Yeah, yeah…the Eagle is ready for departure, why?”
“Right…I’ll just pretend I understood that.”
As they turned around a corner, another door appeared in front of them, guarded by two men this time. As the droid approaches them, they step aside, and open the door. As Rokar walkes through, he is blinded again. Not by light this time, but by the white-ness of the room. It’s completely white, and circle-like. A holo-emitter fills the empty space in the middle of the room. On the other side of the room, on one of the benches, sits a young man. His was blonde and is wearing a pilot-uniform. He looked up as Rokar entered the room. The droid rolled towards the man, who responded with a short “Thank you, R-2.”
Rokar went to sit right next to him, as the droid rolled away, for a new little mission.
“Rokar…how are you?”
“You wanted to see me?”
“That’s not what I asked.”
“Quit it, Luke. You need me to do another mission, aye?”
Luke Skywalker looked up, and sighed.
“Rokar, I’ve got a feeling this whole operation will end in a catastrophe. We shouldn’t have picked Hoth…
“Luke, it’s far away from any Imperial planet, what could possibly go wrong?”
“I don’t know…it’s just a feeling.”
“What do you want me to do then?”
Skywalker’s reputation as Jedi spread quickly amongst the people. With his ‘miracle’ shot at the Death Star, and his unbelievable piloting skills at the Nebula attack, no-one doubted Luke’s precognitions and feelings. It rescued the Rogue Squadron many times, and the Rebellion even more. The people gave Luke respect, since a Jedi’s senses are nvner wrong..
“I want you to investigate something for me, personally.”
Rokar scratched his head. Never had Luke asked him for a private mission. All the missions Rokar had accepted were about Bothan spies, special data, or a mixture of both.
“What do you have in mind, Skywalker?”
Rokar grinned.
“My name is Skyalker. But I can’t seem to find anything regarding my father and mother.”
“Well…if your father was a moisture farmer, it could take a long-“
“He was a Jedi.”
Rokar sighed, and pulled his hand through his beard again.
“Those guys aren’t that hard to find. They are all wanted by the Empire nowadays.”
“Again, you are right. Why can’t I find anything then?”
Rokar looked at Luke. It really seemed to bother him.
“Okay. What do you know about the people that raised you then?”
Luke looked a bit happier now. Rokar seemed willing to investigate the matter.
“They were simple moisture farmers. However, the father of the man who raised me was married to a Skywalker once, though.”
“Hmmm. So your father and mother were known to the people that raised you.”
“True. They never talked about it, though.”
“Why didn’t you ask?”
“They got killed before I could…”
Rokar stood up.
“I’m sorry for opening old wounds, Luke. I’ll start searching right away. I think that I should go to Tatooine first. Maybe they have some kind of birth-register there.”
Luke stood up too.
“After this, I;m going to see a friend…on Dagobah, to finish my training.”
“Good luck with that…”
“Thank you, Rokar.”
“I understand. You need something to fight for. I will do my best.”
They shook hands, and each left through a different door.

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