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Hello, i saw your post on the Lucas Forums. I believe that Imperial Ground Forces is the club for you! Despite our name, we play all factions, but we love the empire a lot. IGF has been around for about 8 years now and has supported numerous Star Wars games, the current games that we support are Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Because IGF has been around for so long, our public image is very important to us, so we take care to be honorable and mature to other clubs. IGF has an event every week, but it is not required to participate in every single one. Most of the events are IGF only, but every month or so, we have a war with a few other clans. IGF is hosted by a site called Dark Jedi Organization that was started a little over 8 years ago. The best part about IGF is that we are large. What this allows us to do is not go down the tubes quickly like some of those 8 person clans out there. However, despite our large size, everyone knows everyone and the officers are very kind and helpful. IGF also now has TWO SWBF2 servers and ONE JA server. Our public SWBF2 server is called [IGF]Public. Right now, its undergoing a few changes, but it should be back to normal state in no time. Also, IGF is free.

IGF Site:
To Join:
1. Click Enlist on the left side bar. its near the top
2. follow all of the inscreen instructions and select a name. make sure it has 3 or more characters.
3. Select a recruiter from the dropdown menu. Your recruiter is JT121
4. Once this is all done, make sure you complete testing or training section whatever its called. This is a small test that is very very easy. just read the highlited info.
5. Once you have done this, you are a part of IGF. Congratz! You will soon be assigned to a company. While you are waiting, i suggest taking a look at our structure page. You can also visit our comlinks. The comlinks are like forums, and every reply to a post of yours will be emailed to u.

IGF uses email a lot so please remember to check that if you join. :-)

IGF is:
-Military Structured
-About having fun
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