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Back here again.

The creatures are attempting to force the group to walk away. Physically that means they move their limbs to make them walk away from Sakara. Mentally that means they try to will the victim to give in and desire escape. Resistance is painful and difficult - no matter who you are or what your mental training is. The creatures will keep doing this until the victim gives in, in which case the victim gets returned to his/her previous location. I.E. Back where they started in front of Ker.

Weapons will be very quickly ineffective, regardless of type. Ditto magic/supernatural powers. Skill, and quick adaptation, will maybe buy a few seconds to a minute if standing still. More creatures will pop up if some clever fighter manages to keep them off while approaching Sakara, until they can't proceed without getting mobbed.

In case it comes up, the creatures can be removed with great [mental] difficulty from someone else, but cannot be removed from oneself by oneself.

Finally, resisting the creatures too long without success is fatal, as the person's mind will disintegrate. The victim can feel this coming; yet another incentive to give in.

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