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Thanks, Pottsie
Here's some additional info, and the next chapter.
This fic has 9 episodes, and they are all ready to be posted. So there won't be long waiting times between them. I will post one every day.
Fun fact: Every episode features the title of a song. The first episode featured 'Wake up' from Rage of the machines. This one features 'Sandstorm' from Da Rude.

Part 2: Sandstorm
As Rokar landed in Mos Eisley, he looked around.
“As desolate as ever…”
He grinned, and pressed the button for the landing gear to come out. As he landed, he saw some Stormtroopers guarding the exit out of the landing pad. “Strange. I’m not even flying a rebel vessel, but they are still suspecting something, so it seems." He walked to the cargo compartment, opened up a small cage, and grabbed a little creature out of it. He then walked out through the cargo ramp, with the little creature in his hands.
“Hold it right there, citizen.”
“Oh! Hello! I was just-“
“Silence. Show some ID.”
Rokar gave the officer his pilot ID, and stood back.
The officer looked up.
“That’s okay. Now…let us search your cargo compartment please.”
It was time for Rokar to pull up an old trick. There was nothing in his cargo compartment, but his ID said something different. The load of food he picked up at Coruscant went straight to the Rebellion, while it should have went to Tatooine. He forgot.
“You don’t want to check it, yesm.”
He pulled up some old red-neck dialect, and started his show.
“We’ll make that decision our self, fool.”
“Have fun walking through Gizka poo then.”
“What the hell are you talking about? Your ID says it should be full of food!”
“Gizka’s are considered as luxurious food amongst the Jawas, sir.”
The officer sighed, unwilling to get his suit dirty.
Rokar quickly pulled the little Gizka out of his pocket, and held it in front of the man.
“You want a free sample? I can get you the reci-“
The officer backed out.
“No, thank you. You are free to go.”
He gave Rokar his ID back, and then marched out of the hangar.
After they left, Rokar laughed. The original cargo was full of bananas. He then walked out of the room, ready to search for clues.


Luke Skywalker ran through the main hangar of the base. His thoughts went towards Rokar, who had just left before the invasion. There was no way the Imperials didn’t see such a big vessel like Rokar’s. As he stepped into his Snowspeeder, he slowly mumbled “may the force be with you, Rokar” as he closed the cockpit. Rokar would need it, while being chased by the complete Imperial fleet. All the Snowspeeders launched. They raged across the desolate wasteland of Hoth, towards the frontline. What they saw wasn’t promising. Several dozens of huge walkers, destroying everything in their path. As Luke charged the first one, he slowly realised the awful truth:
They had to evacuate.
There was no way he could help Rokar now. Setteling on a new planet would take months. Months that Rokar didn’t have.
Luke called his team over the com. Maybe those tow cables could damage these monstrous machines…


Rokar entered the local cantina on Mos Eisley and went straight for the bar. He ordered a drink, gave the bartender a tip, and went to sit in a corner of the room. His long years of spying had taught him one thing: Never show them your back.
As he was checking the room, a young Twilek girl entered the room, and went straight for Rokar. She went to sit next to him.
“I don’t need you ‘company’ girl.”
“If you see what people are standing outside here, you will be.”
“What the hell are you talking ab-“
“There is no time. We have to leave. Now.”
As they slowly left the cantina, pretending to have reached an ‘agreement’ Rokar pulled the black hood of his shirt over his head. The girl looked at him.
“I was just about to ask. They might recognise you.”
“I know. I already suspected they’d follow me. A rebel arrest in the crowd is better for the morale then a sneaky capture.”
“Why are you telling me this? You can’t trust-“
“O, I can.”
“Because you are Contact Delta, aye?”
The girl was shocked by the discovery, as the walked on through the long hall of the cantina.
The door opened and a complete unit of Elite troopers was preparing to invade the cantina. Right when the two passed the group, they heard the commander speak.
“We are looking for a man with a beard. A brown-greyish beard.”
One of the Troopers turned around, scratched his head, turned around again.
“Ehrm. Sir, the man that just passed, he-“
“No jokes, TK104. Start the operation, men!”
After they were out of sight, Rokar whispered a short “Thanks” and walked towards the main registration building. The young Twilek looked at him, shocked as she started whispering.
“What the HELL are you doing! We have to leave…NOW!”
Rokar turned around.
“I’m on a mission, and I’d like to complete it.”
He walked into the building, leaving a shocked Twilek behind.

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