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Originally Posted by James Isaac
Hey, welcome to the forums.

It is pretty hard to find at the moment. At the moment LucasArts aren't producing it anymore (but they claim they are trying to get it back into stock). Your best bet is getting it second hand on eBay or Amazon Marketplance (it's hard to give you exact links because you didn't give a location

It depends on your system specs, but usually there are ways to get it working (check out the Glottis' Garage sub forum for advice). If the demo works though the full game should too.

I am in Ontario, Canada.. BTW how do i set up my profile?

About the Demo. I played it years ago, with an older computer. I just totaly forgot about this game by the time I bought a computer. I visited the Lucas/store page but can't find the game there? But U mentioned they will release more in the future???

About specs i just update a bit really, Radeon X1600XT, 3800 Athlon processor, 2 Gigs Ram, and I can't remeber my mother board but it is new too.
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