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Okay. Scar, in regards to your last post, the creatures aren't characters. I posted what they are and what they are doing, with the intentions that anyone can work with that. I.E. Have them be briefly fended off by weapons but then pass into the character's body and do what I posted above. Otherwise I would have said Deac was godmoding.

Also, the creatures were advancing on Sir-vin ever since he woke up, so they're already on him. You cannot just have him notice them "begin" to advance on him. Ironically this was indeed godmoding (it seems to me that you were trying to avoid godmoding, unless you were just saying that as an excuse to not have to do extra work and rewrite your previous invalid posts) since it contradicted what I was already having the creatures do. Thus that section of your post will be ignored if you do not change it.

Edit: Removed some comments on Sir-vin's intellect that weren't necessary.

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