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The next chapter
funny fact: The Toydarian says his uncle told him about a kid named 'Skywalker' once. This is a refference to Watto, the slave trader.

Part 3: Believe Me
Luke head a huge headache. He looked at his left, and realised he was on the ground. He crashed his speeder! He quickly turned around, to his partner.
He was dead.
Luke looked up. One of the huge machines was approaching him. Luke quickly grabbed his lightsaber, gear, and rolled away, right before the huge feet hit the Snowspeeder.
Luke pulled himself together, stood up, and started running towards the machine that had just passed him. He launches his grappling hook, lifted himself up, and pulled his lightsaber out. He quickly slices a hole in the machine, and threw a grenade through. He then released the grappling hook. As he fell down in the snow, he saw the colossal machine collapsing.
He quickly thought of Rokar, who would be dead by now.
Luke felt miserable. He had sent a man into death.


Meanwhile, Rokar entered the data processing office. He walked to the desk, and rang the bell. An old little Toydarian flew towards him.
“What do you want, of worlder?”
“I’d like some data regarding one of my friends.”
“Hmmm. I recall that name. My uncle once told me about a kid named Skywalker.”
Rokar looked at the creature. He seemed to know more.
“Is there any data on that family?”
“Meh. Some slave contracts, some pod racing. Nothing special, really.”
“Can I have the data, then?”
The Toydarian looked at him. His eyes twinkled, as Rokar slowly pulled a bag out of his leather jacket. He opened it, pulled some credits out, and laid them down on the table.
“Yes…this will do…here you go.”
The Toydarian gave Rokar a little disc, and flew away quickly.
As Rokar walked away, he noticed a sign:

Information Retrieval!

Free use of the archive
No time pressure
Nice employees
Costs: 0 Credits

Rokar sighed. At least the last bit of the sign was right. He had to restrain himself to walk back and reclaim his credits. He opened the doors, and he could swear he heard a laugh from behind the desk.
He walked towards the Twilek, and started speeking.
“Now it’s time for your story. Why do you want me to leave this place?”
“Because the Empire is after you.”
“Okay, but I can just fly back to Hoth…”
“Echo base has been attacked. They are evacuating it right now.”
Rokar was shocked. Now that the Imperials were searching for both him and the Rebellion, there was no way he could return. Unless…
“Did they say were they would make their next base?”
“No. I lost contact right before I entered the cantina.”
They entered the hangar, using Rokar’s pilot ID. Rokar suddenly turned around.
“That means you need to find them too, aye?”
“Indeed. If they find Echo base, all our codes and contacts will be in hands of the Empire.”
“Wouldn’t the technicians simply delete them?”
“Yes. But since they have to leave the computers behind, it’s only a matter of time before the Imperial slicers get to it.”
He looked at the girl, named ‘codename Delta.’
“ mission is to retrieve data about Skywalker’s past.”
“I’ll help you, then…my skills might come in handy.”
“I guess…welcome aboard the Utopian Eagle then!”


Luke was plotting a course in his targeting computer. R2 started beeping, since it were strange coordinates. He quickly thought of the strange vision he had had. If it even was a vision…
He had seen Ben standing in the snow, claiming he should go to some kind of planet.
Now that he was plotting it, it seemed even stranger then it sounded back then. He sat back for a minute. He suddenly sensed something. He thought he had sensed a glimpse of a familiar face, but he wasn’t alone.
“Rokar…thank the Force..”
He smiled as he entered the rest of the code.
“Dogabah, here I come…”


Rokar fired up the engines while the Twilek girl sat next to him. He looked at her.
“What’s your ‘real’ name, by the way? I know your Codename Delta…”
The girl laughed.
“It’s Nykee. I’ve been here for several months now, monitoring Imperial activity.”
“I know. I’ve read your dossier before I came here. It didn’t mention a name though.”
“Of course…then you must be Rokar Numden, the ‘famous’ agent?”
“Aye…that would be me.”
“I’ve heared a lot about you. You also had something to do with the Death Star run, didn’t you?”
“Yep. I was one of the Y-Wing pilots that day. To bad I didn’t get to fly my trench run. Skywalker had destroyed it already…”
They smiled, as they slowly soared through the Tatooine air. The suns were slowly setting, as the flew over the Dune seas, flying towards space.


They didn’t know that someone below them had noticed their flight too. A figure in black costume stood atop of a dune, looking at the Corellian ship that flew by. He was boiling with rage. Not only did a rebel ship escape, he sensed there were important people aboard. One of them, however, seemed to be strong in the Force. A mechanical breath flew across the Dune Sea, as the man thought about his mission. He had to find the pilot that blew up the Death Star. The man in the Corellian ship could be him. He turned around, and walked up the cargo ramp. As he turned on the com, a message came in:
“Milord, what are your orders?”
“Follow that ship.”
“Roger, Lord Vader.”

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