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Did Dooku Save Anakin's life?

I think that Count Dooku indirectly saved Anakin's life by cutting off his hand in Episode II. If both of Anakin's hands had been organic instead of a mechanic prosthesis, they would have burned away when Anakin fell to the edge of the lava stream on Mustafar, and thus he would never have been able to drag himself to a safe enough place to survive for the few minutes he had to wait until he was rescued by Palpatine's troops. However, this viewpoint is highly debatable, as there is no indication that Anakin's entire hand would have been burned away when it was the part of his body furthest away from the lava. Since the fragile flesh of Anakin's ears did not burn away it is extremely unlikely that the denser muscle and bone of his hand would have either. Any thoughts here?
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