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YES!!!!, finally .. i have finished this chapter, it took me a bloody long time to try and write something out .. ive been stuck for days ... and had no chance to write .... what with work and HSC study, its been really boring. lol, but .. IM BACK!! lol, anyway here it is, the next chapter, i hope you all enjoy readng this story and how far it has come actually, because i have enjoyed writing this, and i hope to write more .... so ... as per usual, you read, post comments, and i write ... lol


In the blackness of space, a lone ship lingered. Battered and scorched, it had the look of an empty shell. Whispers of past occupants travelled within the corridors, tracing their once trodden footsteps. The Ebon Hawk looked nothing like the ship that it was known to be, any longer.

The ship had only two occupants, a strange number for a ship its size, which could comfortably fit at least another ten at least.
A Human, and an M8-M7 Astromech. The Human, in the cockpit, was in fact a Jedi. A lost Jedi at the moment. Unconscious on the cockpit floor, not knowing what was happening in the far reaches of space. The Astromech, inoperative, in the Engine Room.

Slowly, the eyelids of the floor occupant started to rise. Opening up to see the bottom of the pilot’s chair. He tried to push himself up, but suddenly felt a rush of excruciating pounding in his head, and with a soft “uh” feel back on the floor.

“Fine, I didn’t want to get up in the first place” he said to himself

Fifteen minutes past, and he decided to give another try in getting up. He pushed up from the ground, and grabbing the side of the chair, was able to raise and place himself in the comfortable seat. He placed his head back and closed his eyes. He sighed and opened his eyes to see what the scene in front of him revealed.

Nothing. A vastness of black with the balls of gasses sparkling in the very far distance.

“Great, where the hell am I now?” Jonas said

He got up and staggered over to the communication console. “M8-M7, can you hear me?” echoed throughout the whole ship. But there was no answer.

“Great” he walked forward down the down corridor and got to the Main Chamber. But as soon as he seen the doorway to which the Medical bay was situated, an exasperated smile came over his face, and he struggled over to there. He walked in and slumped down on the bunk, and fell asleep almost immediately.

Two Jedi were fighting, then Jonas realised it was the Trayus Core in which the fight was taking place. Then he realised that it was he and Kreia in which was taking place in this fight. The old woman’s strength was fading, her powers diminishing. She fell, on her knees.

“You have become more powerful than I could ever have hoped,” She said “But now, you shall taste the real power of the dark side”. Three purple Lightsabers appeared out of nowhere and Jonas saw himself take a step back.

“Don’t be weak!” He spat “You easily defeat them”

The Jonas in front of him took no notice, and started to fight off the Lightsabers. After what seemed like ten minutes, the fight was over and Kreia, weak, had fallen.

“Malachor shall be your grave, old woman” Jonas watched, as he saw himself throwing his once was master into the depths of the closest thing to hell itself. The Jonas in front of him turned and saw his scarred and wretched face. A face of power, and hatred.

Then suddenly, everything seemed to disappear, and all was black. Then a planet came into view. The planet had a distinct taint about it, and Jonas knew that taint all too well. The Dark Side of the Force. But his attention was drawn away by a presence, a presence he had not felt for quite some time.

“Revan” he said to himself

Suddenly he was jerked awake, he felt like he was being watched, but when he looked around the room, there was no one, and when he tried, he could not sense anyone through the Force. So he just pushed that to the back of his mind. He did not how long he had slept for, but it had refreshed him. His head was relieved of the pounding and he was able to stand up properly. Not like he had Five times the proper consumptions of Juma’s.

He walked out back out into the Main Chamber, and walked down the corridor, which lead to the Engine room. The Hyperdrive was hissing and spitting out sparks, and the M8-M7 droid stood motionless. He switched on the droid and its core cluster ignited, bringing it back to life.

“Bout time you woke up, I thought you would take better care of this ship than that other scrap of junk I left with that annoying Iradonian.” He said irritably

“Wooooooooooo” he said fearfully

“If you don’t watch out, you will be sold for scrap, do I make myself clear?”

“Bweep Dee Dwoo” he beeped, nodding up and down fast.

“Good, now fix this Hyperdrive, and quickly. I need to get going.” And with that, Jonas left M8-M7, in the engine room, making him feel sad and very lonely. He had liked Jonas, when he first met him, but he had turned horribly mean to him in the last few months, whilst travelling in the reaches of space.

The Hyperdrive was fixed in a few hours time, and after a few more threats of getting sold, if M8-M7 didn’t hurry up, they were off, back into Hyperspace.
Jonas sat in the Port Dormitory, meditating for the last few days of waiting. He had not known entirely as to why he knew exactly where to go, but he did not take any more heed of it after they started their Hyperspace route.

Jonas was drawn out of his meditation, to hear the sounds of them getting close to their destination. He hurried to the cockpit and in just a few seconds, they pulled out of hyperspace, and again, a vast nothingness, stood before Jonas.

“Great! I come all this way to a whole lot of nothing? I think not … there has to be a planet here.” He started to walk back to the galaxy map, but stopped when he heard it. A voice, a deep menacing voice.

“Ahh ... Exile … you have come in search for Revan have you not?”

“And may I ask who’s asking?”

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