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Originally Posted by Pavlos
Wow! This is great, ChAiNz! I was thinking of doing a K1 set of saves myself, but you've gone and started on it, already. Great resource, so far.
By all means please don't let it stop you (or anyone else)

Like I said, I really miss my mods.. and I can't guarantee I'll continue with this game playthrough.. (since they're saved though, I or anyone else can pick up where I left off). Playing this game un-modded was fulfilling the first couple of times I played.. but we all know mods were meant to change game aspects we don't like in the original.. so far it took everything in my being just to get this far without "additions".. hehehe.. I have a muscle system and I want the eyecandy that the money I've spent on my system can take advantage of... so far, my gaming has been enough to spark my interest in playing again, but at the same time dissapointing because I know what mods are out there that I want to use...

I did however want to go ahead and post the "after" Taris archive since I'm pretty sure that would be the most popular reason to download an archive in the first place. Plus it would give any modder that wanted to attempt a "Skip Taris" mod some globals to use as reference

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