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Actually, there are Gods in Buddhism. Mara, who allegedly tried to tempt Buddha into thinking about sex while he meditated under the famous tree of his, is just one example.
I didn't say "no Buddhist text ever mentioned metaphysical entities". "Mara" is merely the personification of material temptations and the fear of death. In other words, when Buddha conquered the temptations of "Mara", he was conquering his own fleshly desires and fears, and rising above such trivial things as lust, desire for wealth and material possessions. Though commonly referred to as a "demon" in buddhist myth, even in classical texts it was clearly a character that was metaphorical in nature, and it is often posited that the character was derived from the Hindu "Maya", the "power of illusion".

Buddha even mentions "the gods in heaven", in the texts, presumably referring to Hindu gods. But he makes it clear that the presence or lack of presence of these gods is not relevant to the belief system which he is espousing.

No, I said there was no "god". Nobody to pray to, nobody to worship, no laws from on-high that one must obey. That stands. And frankly the statement "there are gods in Buddhism" is misleading. Gods or lack of gods have no relevance to the teachings of Buddha. He makes that quite clear in his texts. He separates enlightenment from any theistic belief system. There is no "pantheon" to pray to. You do not make offerings to gods to speed your way to enlightenment. You just have to perfect your self-control.

But this is becoming off-topic. Enough said.

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