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This is really starting to annoy me.

I am using Kotor Tool v1.0.2210.16738 (2006-1-19 12:38)

I have DeNCS.jar & nwscript.nss in my Kotor directory

My nwnnsscomp.exe was created on March 16 2005

I first downloaded jdk-6-beta2-windows-i586.exe from

I have also downloaded jdk-6-rc-bin-b92-windows-i586-20_jul_2006.exe from

I have no problem opening DeNCS.jar. When I try decompile a script I get the right hand pane that should show the decompiled script but no actual script. If I right click in this pane I will get the pop command "View Byte Code" but nothing happens.

I am getting sick and tired off not being able decompile scripts and having to ask other members to fix files so that I can merge mods.

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