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Ok, for some reason my internet is really messed up so it might be a couple of days before I can reply again. Thanks for being so nice guys. I thought I was going to get torn a new one about how stupid it was. I appreciate it. When my internet comes back for good, I'll try and send these pics over to Tim.

Darth, no-one hates you. NO-ONE!

Itchy no one should respect or worship me. NO-ONE!

I dunno about Xavier. He is always so talked up as being very powerful, but he doesn't do jack. We've all seen what Raz can do. It be interesting to have them duke it out. Although Xavier would totally win a race against Raz on his Psychic ball. He's tricked out his ride

Yes, Upright Citizens do indeed rock. As do all the people who love that show. I hope to someday go to New York and watch one of their shows.

I kinda put that movie in there by accident. I didn't realize they were all in the same folder. Now I feel stupid.

Plushies would be so cool. I can't do that kind of stuff for the life of me, but I would totally want one. I think making those is alot harder then making what I did.

It takes forever to make just one. But if I get the resources, and time I'll make some more for others out there. The love should be shared damnit.
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