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Originally Posted by stoffe -mkb-
(I should probably make a new version of the hack which is a bit more compatible with other things...)
I've put together a new version of this ancient hack, where I've used a mod installer to make it patch existing dialog files with the necessary changes automatically to make it a bit more compatible with other mods altering those DLG files. (Scripts will still have to be merged by hand though, if there are conflicts with those with another mod.)

I've also included an install option that (hopefully) should make it compatible with USM, modifying their renamed Disciple library DLG file instead of the standard one if that option is chosen.

I've only had time to do minimal testing but it seemed to work from what I could notice. If you want it I've updated the link in my signature to point to this new version (since PCGM is down and the staff of the other two sites seem to either have gone on vacation or are too busy with other submissions to post new files).


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