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[FIN] The Sith Lord

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Chapter I

Jedi Master, Kyle Katarn slowly walked towards his former apprentice, Jaden Korr. Jaden had fallen to the dark side and he had become more powerful than his former master. He had also become much stronger than Luke Skywalker. Jaden used the Force to pull Marka Ragnos’ scepter to him. Kyle stopped immediately. He quickly held his arm to him, to protect himself from being killed. It didn’t stop Jaden though. Jaden felt his new weapon shoot an orange beam at Kyle. The blast of the scepter blasted Kyle backwards. Jaden then used the scepter to blast a hole in the ceiling, causing several rocks to fall onto Kyle. The rocks landed on Kyle, trapping him. Jaden then used the scepter to blast a hole in the wall to escape. The wall was broken and Jaden leapt through the hole and left to find his X-Wing. Luke walked into the room, seeing the devastation of the battle that Jaden and Kyle had just had. Kyle crawled out of the rocks.
“Kyle what happened here?” Luke asked.
Luke helped Kyle up.
“Jaden has turned to the dark side,” Kyle told Luke, “And he has taken the scepter.”
“And Rosh?” Luke asked.
“Dead,” Kyle told Luke, “Jaden killed him. He felt betrayed by Rosh and the anger was too strong for him to control.”
Luke held his head in shame. He felt like he could cry. Kyle felt the same.
“I… misjudged him,” Luke told Kyle, “I’m sorry Kyle.”
“I failed both my students Luke,” Kyle told Luke, “Maybe I shouldn’t be teaching at the Academy. It’s not like I’ve been the perfect Jedi myself.”
“No Kyle,” Luke interrupted, “Yoda and Ben were both great teachers, yet even they lost students.”
Luke then closed his eyes for a minute. He was thinking of Jaden. He opened his eyes.
“I can still sense good in him,” Luke told Kyle, “There’s always hope Kyle. Remember that.”
“You maybe right,” Kyle said, “Well at least Tavion and her cult have been stopped, Ragnos won’t be coming back.
“But the scepter is too powerful.” Luke told Kyle, “We must find Jaden and destroy it.”
“I’ll take care of it,” Kyle told Luke, “As my student, Jaden is my responsibility. If I find Jaden, I’ll let you know.”
Kyle was walking out of the tomb, when Luke called out to him.
“Be careful,” Luke told Kyle, “If there is anything I can do to help.”
“I will.” Kyle interrupted.
“And may the Force be with you.” Luke told Kyle.

Jaden found his X-Wing and left Korriban. The Jedi Order was now in tatters and the New Republic would soon be the same. Jaden approached the Star Destroyer where he had killed his best friend, Rosh Penin. As he landed inside, he arrived on the top floor. Several Imperial officers were working in the bridge of the Star Destroyer. As the door opened, the Imperial officers turned to see Jaden. The head officer walked towards Jaden. He had an angry look on his face.
“Who the hell are you?” He asked, “You can’t expect to…”
Jaden stopped him, by using the Force to choke the man. He grabbed onto the collar of his neck, trying to breathe.
“Please… let me go.” The man choked.
“As you wish.” Jaden told the man.
He pressed the button on his Lightsaber. An orange blade appeared. He pushed his Lightsaber into the man’s abdomen. The man yelled in pain. As he yelled, the man’s face turned red and his body bled to death. Jaden smiled coldly. He pulled his Lightsaber out of the man and let the man collapse.
“If anyone else wants to end up like his man here, you can try to kill me now. Go on!” Jaden shouted at the other officers.
None of the other officers said a word. They didn’t even breathe.
“Good,” Jaden told them, “Now set a course for Dxun. There is something I must do.”

Kyle set his ship, the Raven’s Claw for autopilot to Coruscant. He put his hand on his face. He felt as if nobody could ever look at him again. He had failed. He had failed Rosh. He had failed the Academy. But most of all. Most of all he had failed Jaden. How could he not know that Jaden could fall to the dark side so easily? Had Kyle’s teachings failed Jaden? Had the fact that Rosh had once felt the dark side, made Jaden also feel the dark side? There was no answer to any of those questions. They would be answered soon enough.

The Star Destroyer came out of hyperspace. While the officers set their coordinates for Dxun, Jaden hung his head. He was thinking about the previous events that had happened. To Jaden, it had all flown by. One minute he had killed his best friend and then the next, he was on a Star Destroyer on its way to Dxun. Maybe Jaden was never meant to be a Jedi. Maybe he should never had built his first Lightsaber on Coruscant and travel to Yavin IV. His mind was questioning itself all the time. Jaden knew he couldn’t undo all the damage now. He decided to swear his allegiance to the dark side. He had fallen. Now his goals in life were to destroy the Jedi and the New Republic. An officer walked towards Jaden.
“Sir we are approaching Dxun.” He told Jaden.
“Excellent officer,” Jaden muttered, “But I want you to address me as my lord. Do you understand?”
“Yes… my lord.” He told Jaden.
“Excellent,” Jaden told the officer, “You are dismissed.”
“Thank you.” The officer said.
Dxun was in site.
“Prepare a shuttle to take me down to Dxun, officer.” Jaden told the officer.
“As you wish my lord.” The officer said finally.

Kyle landed on Coruscant. He got out and saw his former partner and lover, Jan Ors run out towards him. She greeted Kyle with wide-open arms. Kyle received the hug and they kissed each other on the cheek.
“What are you doing here?” Jan asked.
“I have bad news Jan,” Kyle told Jan, “Jaden has fallen to the dark side.”
“What?” Jan asked, “Why?”
“That’s what I’m asking myself all the time.” Kyle told Jan.
He thought it was best not to tell Jan about how he fell. Kyle walked back to the Raven’s Claw and waved to Jan. He was about to take off, when Jan stopped him.
“I want to come with you.” She told Kyle.
“I can’t let you come.” Kyle told her, remembering the time when he believed she had been killed.
“I know you’re trying to look after me, but tough, I’m coming,” Jan told Kyle, getting into the Raven’s Claw, “I’m here to help you, protect you.”
“I suppose there’s no way to change your mind,” Kyle said finally, sighing out loud, “Okay then.”
Kyle and Jan strapped themselves in and then left Coruscant.
“Where do you think Jaden will be?” Jan asked.
“I don’t know,” Kyle told Jan, “But we’ll find him. Whether I have to go to the end of the Galaxy or not.”

Jaden landed the shuttle on Dxun’s surface. He had landed, right next to the tomb. He tried to open the tomb. It was locked. Suddenly, a spirit arrived in front of Jaden.
“Why do you disturb me?” The spirit asked, groaning.
“I command you to open this tomb, spirit, otherwise I shall make your living death a lot worse.” Jaden told the spirit.
“I am no spirit!” The spirit shouted, “I am the Force ghost of the legendary Sith Lord, Freedon Nadd. I’m sure you have heard of me?”
“I don’t think so, spirit,” Jaden told him, “Now let me in!”
“Never!” Nadd shouted, “Only if you can become a true Sith, you can access my power.”
“Fine.” Jaden sighed, “I’ll be back.”
He walked off, back to his shuttle.

Stay tuned for Chapter II Dreams or Visions?

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