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Chapter II
Dreams or Visions?

Returning to the Star Destroyer, which Jaden now named the Echo, he assumed the captain’s dormitory as his own. He entered his new dormitory. It was quite large. It had several lockers, a large round table and a bed. He took off his tattered old Jedi robes that he wore and put them in one of the lockers. He got into bed and drifted off to sleep.

Jaden felt himself drift over a cold, icy Planet. Was it Hoth? Mygeeto? Or was it the polar regions of Telos? To Jaden, those icy Planets looked the same. He felt himself drift onto a high mountain. He felt himself drop onto the hard, cold floor. Ouch! He thought. He got up. The snowstorm blinded his sight. Suddenly, the snowstorm stopped around Jaden. He looked up to see an old woman next to him. She was a Force ghost, like Freedon Nadd was. She wore an old, black Jedi robe, which hid her face.
“What are you doing here?” She asked.
“How the hell am I supposed to know?” Jaden asked angrily.
“You must be cold, with only your underwear on.” The old woman told Jaden.
“Well I am dreaming aren’t I, you old bat!” Jaden shouted at her, “What do you want anyway?”
“That is why I have brought you here,” The old woman told Jaden, “You have fallen to the dark side, as I had once. If you choose to follow that path, then I can help you.”
“Look I don’t take advice from some broken old woman.” Jaden told the old woman angrily.
“My name is Kreia, I am over four thousand years old.” She told Jaden.
“This gets even better,” Jaden told her, his anger rising, “I especially don’t need help from a four thousand year old woman.”
“I believe you shall become a Sith,” Kreia told Jaden, “But first, I can only set you off on the journey you are about to face. You will need a new identity, new robes and an apprentice.”
Jaden noticed her, pick up some black robes. She gave them to Jaden, who snatched them off her.
“This robe once belonged to the dark lord, Revan, who was once my apprentice,” Kreia told Jaden.
Jaden put on his new robe. It felt really smooth and comfortable, considering it was over four thousand years old. Kreia then picked up an old, dusty Vibroblade.
“Kneel.” She told Jaden.
“This better be worth my time you old bat!” Jaden shouted.
“Kneel!” Kreia shouted.
Jaden kneeled on the ground. Kreia then placed the Vibroblade onto Jaden’s right shoulder.
“You shall be now known as Darth Malus.” She told Jaden, placing the Vibroblade on Jaden’s other shoulder.
“Thank you… old woman,” Malus muttered, “Now send me back.”
“As you wish.” Kreia told Malus.
She shot a large bolt of lightning out of her hands at Malus. Malus felt himself leave the Planet.

Malus felt himself wake up in his bed. He noticed that it was the next day. He was wearing his new robe. He got up and walked over to his locker. He took out his Lightsaber and placed it in his belt. The door opened and the officer walked in.
“Are you alright my lord?” He asked.
“I have a new name officer,” Malus told the officer, “Soon I shall be known as Darth Malus across the Galaxy. You shall still call me my lord or Malus. Your choice.”
“As you wish my lord,” The officer said, “By the way my name is Officer Starkiller.”
“I don’t care what your name is, just get back to work!” Malus told Officer Starkiller, “I want to return to Korriban. There is something I must do there.”
“As you wish my lord.” Officer Starkiller told Malus.
He walked out, while Jaden sat down to meditate on the cold floor.

Stay tuned for Chapter III The Sith Tomb
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