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Chapter III
The Sith Tomb

Malus took his shuttle to the surface of Korriban. The last time he was here, he was fighting his ex master, Kyle. Now that he was dead, the only Jedi left was Luke. Officer Starkiller came out of Malus’ shuttle and walked up to him.
“Is everything alright my lord?” He asked.
“It… it is of no concern,” Malus told him, “I must go to Ludo Kresh’s tomb. I have been told to go.”
“Right away my lord,” Officer Starkiller told Malus, “I’ll be waiting on the shuttle, waiting for your return.”
Malus walked off, pulling his hood up, which covered his face. He entered the old Shyrack caves. It had a strong stench of death. Malus got out his orange Lightsaber and cut through several rocks. After clearing through, he eventually found Ludo Kresh’s tomb. Malus opened the large tomb door easily. At least I can enter this tomb, He thought angrily. As soon as he entered the tomb, the door shut behind him. Malus felt cold. Then again, the power of the dark side was cold. Only some people could control its power. Like Malus. Malus continued to walk down the thin corridor, until he entered a large room. Luke stood there.
“Jaden, I hate to admit it, but you’ve truly fallen.” Luke told him.
“I’m no longer Jaden!” Malus shouted, “I’m Darth Malus! Lord of the Sith!”
Luke reached for his Lightsaber. A green blade came out.
“So be it.” Luke said.
Malus ran towards Luke and fought him. Luke was strong, but Malus was even stronger. Especially with the power of the dark side. Their Lightsabers clashed together, causing orange and green sparks bouncing off their blades. Malus’ anger raised, causing him to push Luke backwards angrily. Malus tried to stab Luke, but he rolled over to the side. Malus put his Lightsaber and away and let Luke run towards him. As soon as Luke was close enough, Malus shot a large bolt of lightning at Luke. Luke fell the ground, shouting out in pain. Malus continued to hurt him and his power increased as Luke shouted. Eventually Luke stopped shouting. He should have died, but instead he disappeared. As soon as he disappeared, Malus heard several people running behind him. They were New Republic Troopers. Their Blaster Rifles were raised at Malus.
“What happened to Master Skywalker?” One of them asked.
“You’ll find out soon enough.” Malus told the Trooper.
He gripped the Trooper. He tried to loosen his collar to breathe, but he was killed. The other Troopers walked backwards. Fear. Malus didn’t care for cowards. They had to die. The Troopers tried to run off, but Malus shot a large bolt of lightning at them. Like Luke they disappeared. What was this tomb? Malus thought angrily, There was something strange about it. Nobody died in this tomb. A shame, he thought. It was time to leave, until he heard a voice behind.
“You’re not going anywhere.” A voice groaned.
“And what makes you think you can stop me?” Malus asked.
“Because I was once your best friend.” The voice groaned.
Rosh? Rosh Penin? Now this was strange. Malus turned round.
“I killed you once Rosh,” Malus told Rosh, “I can kill you again.”
Malus leapt up high in the air and landed behind Rosh. Rosh immediately looked behind him, but Jaden stabbed him.
“You were just as weak as before!” Malus shouted at Rosh.
He took his Lightsaber out of Rosh and they continued to stare at each other. Rosh groaned out loud as he disappeared. It was over. Malus prepared to leave. Hopefully forever.
“How was the test?” Kreia’s voice echoed in Malus’ head.
“Test?” Malus asked, his voice rising, “Test! What are doing in my head?”
“I can enter your thoughts whenever I please.” Kreia told Malus.
“Don’t bother in the future old woman!” Malus shouted.
Kreia didn’t reply. That showed her, Malus thought. He left the tomb.

As soon as Malus came out of the cave, Officer Starkiller ran up to him.
“Are you alright my lord?” He asked.
“That tomb has changed me Officer,” Malus told him, “But no matter, we should leave.”
“Where to?” Officer Starkiller asked.
“I’ll think about it.” Malus told him.
Malus walked into his shuttle, with Officer Starkiller following him.

Several hours later, Malus was meditating in his dormitory. He was thinking about everything that had happened. His power was increasing and soon he would rule the Galaxy. The door opened.
“What do you want Officer?” He asked.
“I’m not your Officer,” A man said, “I’m here for a very important reason.”
Malus got up and turned to see a Kel Dor.
“Who are you?” Malus asked.
“My name is Darth Caos.” He told Malus, “I swear my allegiance to you.”
Caos bent on his knee, bowing to Malus. Malus felt great. Now he was being followed.
“Excellent,” Malus said finally, “You shall be my first apprentice. Darth Caos.”
Caos got up off the floor.

Stay tuned for Chapter IV The search for Jaden
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