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Chapter IV
The search for Jaden

“Where are we going?” Jan asked.
“Correlia,” Kyle told her, “Perhaps Han can help me.”
The Raven’s Claw landed in the busy city of Cornet. Many people were about on Cornet. Humans, Rodians, Twi’leks, Bith, Kel Dor and Zabraks were one of the many species that came to the Cornet. Now where is Han? Kyle thought, He last told me that if I need to see him, he would be on Correlia. Kyle decided that he should go to the local cantina. Perhaps Han would be there. Kyle and Jan were about to enter when an Aqualish bouncer stopped them.
“You come in here, as long as you don’t cause any trouble.”
“We won’t cause any trouble and we can enter” Kyle said, waving his hand at the Aqualish.
“You won’t cause any trouble and you can enter.” The bouncer told them.
Kyle and Jan entered the cantina.
“What did you do?” Jan asked.
“Let’s just say I’ve influenced him.” Kyle told Jan.
The cantina looked great. Several Bith musicians played their instruments and local Podraces could be watched on the loud view screen. Those were just some of the things that could entertain people.
“You go get a table, while I get some drinks,” Kyle told Jan, “What do you want?”
“Correlian Ale please.” Jan told Kyle.
“Okay then,” Kyle told Jan, “I’ll be back soon.”
Kyle went over to the counter. There was nobody at the counter. A Chiss bartender came over to Kyle.
“What can I get for you sir?” He asked, noticing Kyle’s Lightsaber in his belt.
“A Correlian Ale and a Juma Juice.” Kyle told him.
“Of course Jedi sirs.” The Chiss bartender told Kyle.
“In clean glasses please.” Kyle added.
The bartender put his current dirty glasses down and got out two clean ones. He put his glasses to warm up under the boiler.
“It will be about two minutes,” The bartender told Kyle, “Do you seek informations?”
“I do,” Kyle told the bartender, “Have you seen a young man, who carried a Lightsaber and a large scepter?”
“I’m sorry sir, but I haven’t seen any men of what you speak.” The bartender told Kyle.
Both Kyle and the bartender heard a beep. The drinks were ready. The bartender got the drinks and gave them to Kyle.
“Thanks.” Kyle told the bartender, handing him twenty-five Credits.
Kyle took his drinks and returned to the table. He gave Jan her Correlian Ale and Kyle sat down.

Han Solo approached the local cantina. It was busy as always. He was about to enter the cantina, when the bouncer stopped him.
“You come in here, as long as you don’t cause any trouble.”
“Okay okay.” Han told the bouncer.
He entered the cantina. Definitely busy, Han thought.

Kyle took both his and Jan’s glasses away. He returned them to the counter and when he turned around, he noticed Han entering the cantina. He walked up to Han.
“Hey Han, you alright?” Kyle asked.
“Couldn’t be better Kyle,” Han told him, “What are you doing here anyway?”
“I was looking for… information.” Kyle told Han.
“Information on what?” Han asked.
“Come to my table,” Kyle told him, “We can talk more there.”
Kyle led Han to his and Jan’s table. Kyle sat down.
“Well hello Jan,” Han said, “Are you alright?”
“Yeah.” Jan told him.
“Listen Han, we need your help,” Kyle told Han, “Sit down and we’ll explain everything.”

Malus started to train his new apprentice. Caos was strong with his two Lightsabers, but lacked in power and speed. How could he be of any use to Malus? It was no matter. Many Sith in the past were always weak in some part of their training. Malus sent out a group of formidable Droids to attack his apprentice. Caos ignited his two red Lightsabers and waited for the Droids to attack. Soon, they all started to attack. Caos got into a rage and started to attack the Droids.
“Good, good, let the hate flow through you.” Malus told his new Apprentice.
One of the Droids shot at Caos’ shoulder. He yelled out loud and started to destroy the Droid. His anger raised and he ran to destroy the other Droids. The Droids had no chance against him. The Droids were killed in a minute. The Droids fell to the ground. Caos smiled and he put his Lightsabers away.
“Excellent my young apprentice,” Malus told Caos, “Training is over for now.”
Malus and Caos left the training room.

Kyle, Jan and Han left the cantina. Han had told them in the cantina, that he decided not to go with Kyle and Jan, but promised them that if he heard anything of or about Jaden, then he would tell them straight away. Kyle and Jan returned to the Raven’s Claw. They got in and left Cornet. As soon as they left, Jan asked Kyle a question.
“If Jaden has fallen to the dark side, how come he isn’t looking for you?”
“He believes me to be dead.” Kyle told Jan.
“Oh.” Jan said.
“This may prove to be an advantage to us.” Kyle added.
“So where do we go now?” Jan asked.
“Coruscant,” Kyle told Jan, “We must find Jaden’s parents and tell them the bad news.”

Malus entered the bridge of the Echo. His apprentice was by his side. Officer Starkiller greeted them.
“Lord Malus, a group of Stormtroopers have called us asking for your help.” Officer Starkiller told them.
“Leave the fools to their fate,” Malus told him, “Where are these Stormtroopers?”
“Tatooine my lord,” Officer Starkiller told him, “A small squadron of New Republic troopers are attacking them. I suggest you should help them.”
“I grow tired of you Officer,” Malus told Officer Starkiller, “If it will make you feel any happier I’ll go.”
“They will appreciate that my lord.” Officer Starkiller told him.
“Master, can I come?” Caos asked eagerly.
“No, you stay here and complete your training.” Malus told him.
“Yes my lord.” Caos said.
Caos left for the training room and Malus prepared to take his shuttle to Tatooine.

The Raven’s Claw landed on Coruscant. Kyle and Jan got out. Coruscant was as peaceful as ever. A Droid walked up to them.
“Welcome to Coruscant, can I help you both?”
“Yes, can you tell me where the Korr family live?” Kyle asked.
“One moment please,” The Droid told Kyle, “Scanning. Scanning. I’m sorry sir, but the Korr family left a short while ago.”
Kyle sighed.
“Do you know where they are now?” He asked.
“I believe they decided to live on Naboo in the city of Theed.” The Droid told Kyle.
“Thank you.” Kyle told the Droid.
Kyle and Jan returned to the Raven’s Claw.
“Let’s go.” Kyle told Jan.
The Raven’s Claw left Coruscant and was on its way to Naboo.

Stay tuned for Chapter V Stormtrooper’s Revolt
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