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Chapter IV
Stormtrooper’s Revolt

The shuttle landed on Tatooine. Malus got out of his shuttle and got a message on his comlink. It was from the leader of the Stormtroopers.
“Lord Malus, the New Republic are coming in too fast. You must help us. We are near the Sarlacc in the Dune Sea.”
“Just don’t die on me.” Malus told the leader angrily.
“We won’t my lord.” The leader told Malus.
Malus turned his comlink off and returned to his shuttle. Inside was a speeder bike. He got on the speeder bike and sped off to the Dune Sea.

A mysterious man watched the Stormtroopers planning to wait for their leader, Malus. What were they doing? The man thought, Stormtroopers weren’t the type of Troops who would wait for their leader. However the man knew this was strange. He decided to wait for Malus to arrive and see what would happen next.

Malus’ Speeder Bike started to slow down. It had run out of fuel. Blast! Malus thought angrily, This has been a dangerous waste of time. He also had to stop in the worst part of Tatooine. Tusken Raider territory. He heard a Tusken Raider call behind him. Malus ignited his orange Lightsaber and attacked the Tusken Raider. There were more Tusken Raiders. They all got out their Gaffi Sticks and tried to attack Malus. Malus gripped one of the Tusken Raiders and threw him onto the others. They all fell over. Malus threw his Lightsaber at two of the other Tusken Raiders. There were five more Tusken Raiders remaining. The five remaining Tusken Raiders tried to surround Malus, however Malus leapt out and killed a Tusken Raider. Four more left. The remaining four Tusken Raiders got out their Rifles and tried to shoot at Malus. Malus blocked all the shots and stabbed one of the Tusken Raiders. Three more left. Two of the Tusken Raiders tried to run away, but Malus threw his Lightsaber and the Tusken Raiders. One more left. Malus gripped the remaining Tusken Raider and waited until he died. Malus had no time to lose. He sped off into the distance, hoping he could still save the Stormtroopers.

The mysterious man could overhear the Stormtrooper’s plan. It didn’t sound good. The man thought it would be best to assassinate the leader of the group. The man got out his Sniper Rifle and he prepared to fire. He was about to fire, when he heard a Tusken Raider. The man quickly threw his Sniper Rifle away and grabbed his Lightsaber. A red blade ignited from the Lightsaber. The man quickly blocked the Gaffi Stick and stabbed the Tusken Raider. Several more Tusken Raiders closed in on the man. He knew that Tusken Raider territory was dangerous.

“Sir, Lord Malus is approaching.” A Stormtrooper shouted.
“Excellent,” The leader of the Stormtroopers said, “Reload your weapons. This assassination shall be short and quick.”

Malus approached the small group of Stormtroopers. There were two groups aboard two Desert Skiffs right above the Sarlacc. The leader of the Stormtroopers noticed Malus approaching.
“Ah Lord Malus, please come aboard.”
“Where are the New Republic Troops?” Malus asked.
“You fool!” The leader shouted, “There are no New Republic Troops.”
“What?” Malus asked, his anger rising.
“We have business we need to discuss.” The leader told Malus.
“What business?” Malus asked angrily.
As Malus and the leader spoke, a Stormtrooper slowly approached Malus. Malus could feel the Stormtrooper’s presence behind him and Malus immediately ignited his Lightsaber. As he did, it killed the Stormtrooper.
“Attack!” The leader shouted.
The Stormtroopers shot at Malus. Malus nearly fell off the edge, but he leapt backwards onto the other Desert Skiff. The Stormtroopers there weren’t expecting it and Malus killed them all. Malus leapt back to the other Desert Skiff and killed all the Stormtroopers there, except the leader.
“Send more reinforcements!” The leader shouted into his comlink.
As soon as the leader had shouted that, a large army of Stormtroopers approached Malus. Malus felt really angry now.
“Why have you done this to me?” He asked angrily.
“We don’t like your leadership Malus.” The leader told Malus.
Before Malus decided to kill the leader, he asked him one final question.
“Is all the Imperial Remnant against me?”
“No, just us.” The leader told Malus.
Malus gripped the leader and threw him into the Sarlacc. Just as Malus watched him being digested into the Sarlacc, a Stormtrooper fired a rocket from his Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable Missile System at the Desert Skiff. Malus leapt onto the other Desert Skiff. Another Stormtrooper from behind fired a rocket from his Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable Missile System. Malus leapt backwards onto the ground. The Stormtroopers closed in onto Malus. Malus raised his Lightsaber high, preparing to attack. The Stormtroopers fired at Malus. Malus shot a large bolt of lightning at the Stormtroopers, killing a fifth of their entire army. The Stormtroopers continued to fire at Malus.

Meanwhile, the mysterious man killed all the Tusken Raiders above. He turned off his Lightsaber and turned around. He noticed Malus being attacked down below. It was time to help him. The man was about to go down, when a large group of Stormtroopers stopped him.

Malus blocked all the Stormtrooper’s shots, killing them in the process. The only way he could stay alive was by forcing himself into a rage, causing him to be invincible to incoming shots. He was near the Sarlacc. Suddenly, one of the Stormtroopers shot at Malus’ hand. Malus dropped his Lightsaber and it fell into the Sarlacc. That was the second Lightsaber he had lost. He had no more weapons left. The only weapon he could use now was his scepter. Malus shot his scepter at a large group of Stormtroopers, killing another fifth of the army. Malus was losing power fast and his scepter was running out of power. A Stormtrooper shot at Malus and he dropped his scepter, which disappeared like that time in the Sith Tomb. This was Malus’ moment of weakness. He should have killed the Stormtroopers by now. They were too strong for Malus though. Everyone in the Stormtrooper’s army raised their Blaster Rifles. They were about to shoot, when a mysterious man leapt into the middle and pushed his Lightsaber into the ground. It caused a mild earthquake, killing all the Stormtrooper’s. The man wore crimson robes. He had a weird shaped head, for a Human and he had dark black eyebrows and dark brown eyes.
“Who are you?” Malus asked.
“I’m RedHawke,” The man told Malus, “I was once a spy for Desann and his apprentice, Tavion.”
“If I had a Lightsaber right now, I would kill you!” Malus shouted at RedHawke.
RedHawke handed him a red Lightsaber.
“Go ahead,” RedHawke told Malus, “If it would help you.”
Malus decided not to.
“You may be of some use to me,” Malus told RedHawke.
“That is why I’m here Lord Malus.” RedHawke told Malus.
“How do you know my name?” Malus asked RedHawke.
“I know many things Malus,” RedHawke told Malus, “As a spy and Shadow Lord of the Sith, I do know many things. I want to become your humble servant.”
Malus thought for a moment. There was something strange about this RedHawke. He seemed just as powerful as Malus. It was no matter. Malus thought that he could be useful.
“Come with me,” Malus told RedHawke, “We must return to my shuttle.”
“I’ve a Speeder Bike to get us there,” RedHawke told Malus, “Follow me.”
RedHawke led Malus to his Speeder Bike on top of a cliff. Both Malus and RedHawke got on and sped off into the distance.

Stay tuned for Chapter V The Korr Family
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