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Chapter VI
The Korr Family

The Raven’s Claw landed in a spaceport near the busy city of Theed on Naboo. It was still a beautiful city, considering it’s rule under the Galactic Empire several years before. Kyle and Jan got out of the Raven’s Claw.
“Where do you think the Korrs live?” Jan asked.
Kyle looked around. Where would you find a small family in Theed?
“I don’t know,” He told Jan, “Perhaps we could go to the palace and talk to the local King and Queen. They may know.”
Lucky for Kyle and Jan, they had landed in a spaceport near the palace. Kyle and Jan left the spaceport and entered the main city of Theed. The palace was to the left of them. They noticed two New Republic guards guarding the door.
“Do you think they will let us in?” Jan asked.
“Hopefully they will Jan.” Kyle told her.
Kyle walked up the steps, with Jan following him. They arrived next to the guards.
“What do you want?” One of the guards asked.
“We need information,” Kyle told the guard, “On the Korr family. We was wondering if the King and Queen knew where they lived.”
“Is it urgent?” The other guard asked.
“Yes.” Kyle told the other guard.
“Well if it’s urgent, the Korr family live in the backstreets of Theed,” The first guard told Kyle, “It’s number twenty five.”
“Thank you.” Kyle told the guards.
Kyle and Jan left the palace and tried to locate the backstreets of Theed.

After several minutes of looking, Kyle and Jan found the backstreets of Theed. They were isolated from the rest of Theed, but people occasionally walked down there. The houses were smaller than the large ones near the palace. Soon, Kyle found number twenty five. He knocked on the door. An elderly woman opened the door.
“Hello, can I help you?” She asked nervously.
“My name is Kyle Katarn,” He told her, “This is my partner Jan Ors. I’m a Jedi and I was your son’s Master.”
“You know Jaden?” She asked, “Please come in. I’ll call my husband down.”
Kyle and Jan entered the house. It was a clean house and it had many pictures of Jaden. Many of them from when he was young and others before he left the Academy. A Protocol Droid and an Astromech Droid entered the room.
“Hello there.” The Protocol Droid told Kyle and Jan, “My name is JK-47 and this is my counterpart, RC-62.”
RC-62 beeped out loudly.
“Don’t be rude to our guests RC,” JK told him, “Please sit down. Our Masters will be here to see you shortly.”
RC asked Kyle and Jan if they wanted anything to drink.
“No thanks.” Kyle and Jan told RC at the same time.
The elderly woman and an elderly man entered the room.
“Droids leave us.” The man told the Droids.
“As you wish,” JK told them, “Come on RC.”
As soon as JK and RC left the room, the elderly man and woman sat down.
“My wife, Michaela has told me that you are Jaden’s Master,” He told Kyle, “I’m Lordo.”
“It’s nice to meet you.” Jan told them.
“Who are you?” Lordo asked.
“I’m Jan Ors, Kyle’s partner,” Jan told him, “However I’m no Jedi.”
Before either Lordo or Michaela could say anything, Kyle started to speak.
“I’m here to tell you some very bad news,” Kyle started, “Your son has fallen to the dark side.”
Both Kyle and Jan noticed Michaela crying slightly. Lordo tried to comfort each his wife.
“That’s… not… true.” Michaela stammered.
“I’m afraid it is,” Kyle told her, feeling like crying as well, “I am trying to find him and bring him back to the light.”
“I hope you succeed.” Michaela told Kyle.
She left the room. Lordo stayed.
“We’re sorry about this.” Jan told Lordo.
“It’s okay,” He told Jan, “It’s just hard to believe Jaden has fallen to the dark side. He was a kind, helpful kid.”
Michaela returned to the room. Kyle decided to try and comfort them.
“Why did you decide to live on Naboo?” Kyle asked.
“When Jaden left for Yavin IV to join the Jedi, we decided to sell our apartment on Coruscant,” Michaela told Kyle, “After all those years of living in the heart of the Empire, we needed to a new life. So we decided to come here.”
“It’s a nice home.” Jan told her.
“Thanks.” Michaela said.
Lordo walked over to a small locker. It contained three datapads. He handed them to Kyle.
“These are datapads that he wrote about his life,” He told Kyle, “I thought you might like to look at them.”
Kyle nodded a thank you, to Lordo and started to take a look at a datapad. It was written when Jaden was nine.

The Galactic Empire has kept us inside our apartment. It is like we are being guarded all the time. I need to be out. Being kept inside is harsh to all the people on Coruscant. The Emperor has some harsh rules. I hope that the Empire disbands and the Republic returns to power.

Kyle took a look at the next journal.

For me, today is a great day in my life. The Empire has been defeated by the Rebel Alliance and rumours are that the Rebel Alliance shall become the New Republic and that the Jedi shall return. My new dream is to become a Jedi Knight like the Jedi before my time. For now, I’ve built a Protocol Droid and an Astromech Droid to help my parents out. They are JK-47 and RC-62.

Kyle took a look at the final journal.

I’m leaving for the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV to become a Jedi Knight. I hope to do some good to the Galaxy. I hope to get rid of the remnants of the Empire and bring peace to the Galaxy. I shall miss my parents and my Droids, but I know they shall be fine.

Kyle thought the last journal was the saddest. Jaden’s dream was to become a Jedi and get rid of the Imperial Remnant. Now Kyle knew that Jaden would never complete his dream.
“Keep them Master Jedi,” Lordo told Kyle, “We have no use for them.”
“Thanks.” Kyle told Lordo.
“I think it’s best we leave.” Jan told Kyle.
“If we bring your son back to the light, we’ll let you know.” Kyle told Lordo and Michaela.
“We’d appreciate that.” Michaela told Kyle.
Kyle and Jan got up and left the house.

They returned to the Raven’s Claw and prepared to leave Naboo. As the Raven’s Claw entered space, Jan asked Kyle a question.
“Where are we going now?”
“Wherever the Force decides to take us.” Kyle told her.

Stay tuned for Chapter VII Reunion
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