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Chapter VII

Malus and RedHawke returned to the Echo. It had been upgraded to a Super Star Destroyer. Now the Echo was the leading Star Destroyer, leading a legion of over one hundred Star Destroyers. Caos greeted Malus, but gave RedHawke a weird look.
“My lord who is your friend?” Caos asked.
“This is RedHawke,” Malus told Caos, “He was a spy for Desann and Tavion.”
“I have pledged my service to Lord Malus,” RedHawke told Caos, “Now if you don’t mind, I shall get settled into my new home.”
RedHawke left, while Malus made his way to the throne room of the Echo. Caos followed him.
“My lord, I can’t trust him.” Caos told Malus.
“Nor can I,” Malus told Caos, “But anyone who swears their allegiance to me may prove useful. Like you. If I had no use for you, I would have killed you the first time I met you. Now I want to hear no more about RedHawke.”
“Yes my lord.” Caos said.

“I need to return to Yavin IV and tell Luke about what has happened so far.” Kyle told Jan.
“Okay.” Jan said.
Kyle pressed a button to enter hyperspace.

Immediately after exiting hyperspace, Kyle and Jan noticed a legion of over one hundred Star Destroyers, led by a Super Star Destroyer ahead.
“Oh my god.” Kyle muttered.
“Shall we turn back?” Jan asked.
“No,” Kyle told her, “We can make it past this legion.”
Jan didn’t share Kyle’s enthusiasm.
“Trust me.” Kyle added.
As Kyle prepared to drive the Raven’s Claw, he was surprised that the Star Destroyers hadn’t tried to destroy them.

Officer Starkiller entered Malus’ throne room. He held a small datapad.
“My lord, a small ship is trying to pass our legion,” He told Malus, “Would you like us to shoot it down.”
Malus snatched the datapad off Officer Starkiller. He took a look at the datapad. It showed a ship, he hadn’t seen for a while. He threw it back to Officer Starkiller.
“No,” Malus told Officer Starkiller, “Put a tractor beam on it and tell the Stormtroopers to set their guns on stun.”
“Yes my lord.” Officer Starkiller said.
He was about to leave, when Malus stopped him.
“Oh and tell Caos to greet our guests, if they don’t prove hostile.” Malus added.
“Yes my lord.” Officer Starkiller said.

Kyle felt the dark side on the Star Destroyers, as he drove the Raven’s Claw, trying to avoid them. Suddenly, both Kyle and Jan heard the noise of a tractor beam, locking onto the Raven’s Claw. Both Kyle and Jan knew they couldn’t break free from the tractor beam.

Officer Starkiller returned to see Malus. Malus was eagerly waiting for his new visitors to arrive.
“How soon will the Raven’s Claw be here?” Malus asked.
“Soon enough my lord.” Officer Starkiller told Malus.
“Good,” Malus told Officer Starkiller, “I think our guests will be people I once knew.”

As the Raven’s Claw docked inside the Super Star Destroyer, Kyle and Jan waited in the Raven’s Claw. They heard a voice from the outside.
“You can come out of your ship!” A voice shouted, “For the moment you are guests, not our enemies.”
Kyle prepared to get out of the Raven’s Claw.
“What are you doing?” Jan asked, “How can you even trust them?”
“Trust my judgement Jan,” Kyle told her, “If Jaden is here, I must know.”
Maybe that is why we haven’t been killed yet, Kyle thought. Kyle got out of the Raven’s Claw first, then Jan got out. An army of Stormtroopers greeted them, along with a Sith. The Sith spoke.
“My name is Darth Caos, apprentice of Darth Malus, who you know as Jaden Korr, wants to keep you alive, for the moment.”
“Isn’t that nice of him.” Kyle told Caos.
“A little too nice I think.” Jan added.
“My Master has his ways,” Caos told them, “Now please follow me.”
Kyle and Jan decided it was the best action. They followed Caos, up several flights of staircases and Caos had led them to a cellblock.
“More hospitality?” Kyle asked sarcastically.
“Be grateful we didn’t shoot you out of the sky,” Caos told Kyle angrily, “Now go into your cell!”
"Touchy." Jan added.
Kyle and Jan went in. Considering it was a cell, it was quite large. It had two beds, a computer terminal and several lockers.
“My Master shall see you, when he feels like it.” Caos told Kyle and Jan.
The door shut behind them. Kyle collapsed onto one of the beds. Jan felt like doing the same.
“What do we do now?” Jan asked.
“I don’t know,” Kyle told her, “I would like to meet with Jaden again, then we can find the hangar controls and then we can escape.”
“Wouldn’t that be suicide?” Jan asked.
“Exactly.” Kyle told her.

Officer Starkiller was showing Malus the security footage of Kyle and Jan talking. How did Kyle survive? It seemed strange that he had survived the Malus’ attack several months ago. Why didn’t he also get another apprentice? That would've been the wisest thing to do.
“Tell Caos, that I request the meeting now.” Malus told Officer Starkiller, “I’m anxious to meet my Master again.”
Officer Starkiller wanted to ask why, but he followed his orders.
“As you wish my lord.” Officer Starkiller told Malus.

Kyle and Jan heard the door open. Caos was here.
“My Master wants to meet with you.” Caos told them.
“Finally.” Kyle muttered.
“Oh and my Master would appreciate it, if he you could call him Darth Malus,” Caos added, “He hates hearing his former name.”
Caos led Kyle and Jan to a large throne room. Like the hangar bay, it had an army of Stormtroopers. At the far end of the throne room, was a large black chair. That must be where Jaden sat, Kyle thought. Kyle and Jan noticed Jaden enter. He sure had changed since Kyle had fought him on Korriban. His old Jedi Robes were now replaced with dark black Robes. Jaden sat down. It was quiet for several minutes, until Kyle broke the silence.
“Hello Jaden.”
“Don’t ever call me that. I’m Darth Malus, Lord of the Sith!” Malus shouted.
“Please come back to the light,” Kyle told Malus, “Face up to what you’ve done. Luke and I can help you.”
“Don’t tell me Master Skywalker is still alive,” Malus sighed, “Couldn’t you and him die on Korriban.”
Kyle was shocked at what he was hearing. Jaden had fallen so far to speak of both him and Luke like this.
“I’m surprised you haven’t asked me how I survived.” Kyle told Malus.
“I have wondered how you survived,” Malus told Kyle, “But you surviving made sense. You always were strong in the Force. Kyle, join me and together we can destroy the Jedi and the Republic, then we can rule the Galaxy.”
“I’ll never join the dark side,” Kyle told Malus confidently, “The Sith killed my father, they manipulate…”
“More Jedi lies,” Malus sighed, “I knew you wouldn’t join me. Now because of this outrage, I shall kill both you and Jan.”
Malus ignited his red Lightsaber and leapt towards Kyle. Kyle immediately blocked the attack with his blue Lightsaber.
“Run Jan!” Kyle shouted, “Find the hangar controls! I’ll catch up with you!”
Jan did what he said and shot several Stormtroopers. She ran past the Stormtroopers and ran off. Kyle meanwhile fought with his former apprentice. Their Lightsabers clashed.
“You’ve become weaker Kyle,” Malus told him, “Perhaps the scepter did some damage to you.”
“Maybe, maybe not.” Kyle told Malus, breaking out of the Lightsaber lock.
Kyle ran away from Malus and ran off to find Jan. As soon as the door closed behind Kyle, Officer Starkiller came up next to Malus.
“What shall we do my lord?” He asked.
“Leave the Stormtroopers to kill them,” Malus told him, “If Kyle survives, then I shall fight him, once again.”

Jan was avoiding every Stormtrooper, to find the hangar controls. The Super Star Destroyer was large and there were many rooms. There were Stormtroopers everywhere. Jan opened a door and found the control room. She turned off the tractor beams and waited for Kyle.

Kyle ran down every corridor, killing many Stormtroopers on his way. He knew Malus would be behind, trying to find him. Kyle ran through a door to see Jan.
“Disabled the tractor beams?” He asked.
“Yes.” Jan told him.
“Then let’s go.” Kyle told her.
Jan ran in front, with Kyle behind, guarding her from any incoming shots from Stormtroopers. Occasionally, she fired at the Stormtroopers. After several minutes of running, they were approaching the hangar bay. The Stormtroopers were all dead. Kyle and Jan were about to leave, when Kyle sensed Malus behind him. Kyle blocked Malus’ Lightsaber.
“Jan! Prep the ship for takeoff!” Kyle told her, “I might a while.”
“You’re not going anywhere Kyle!” Malus shouted, “I shall turn you to the dark side!”
“Never!” Kyle shouted back.
Malus raised his Lightsaber and let it crash down onto Kyle. Malus’ Lightsaber cut Kyle’s right arm off. Kyle yelled in pain. He used the Force to pull his Lightsaber towards him. He ran back to the Raven’s Claw.
“Quick Jan, takeoff.” Kyle told her.
Jan took off and left the hangar. Kyle noticed the Star Destroyers all trying to shoot them down.

Luckily for Malus, he noticed a Tie Fighter. Malus got in it and prepared to find the Raven’s Claw.

The Star Destroyers stopped trying to shoot the Raven’s Claw.
“Well that was lucky.” Kyle said.
Both Kyle and Jan then felt a blaster shot on the ship.
“Or not.” Kyle added.
Kyle could sense Malus’ presence behind the ship. Malus kept shooting at the Raven’s Claw. Jan did some “fancy stuff” in the air, by dodging the shots from the Tie Fighter.
“Jump to hyperspace Jan!” Kyle shouted.
Jan pressed the button and they entered hyperspace. As the Raven’s Claw disappeared, Malus felt annoyed and returned to the Echo.

Stay tuned for Chapter VIII An Old Friend
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