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Chapter VIII
An Old Friend

The Raven’s Claw landed inside the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. Kyle hadn’t been here for over a month. As he and Jan got out of the Raven’s Claw, Luke greeted them.
“Kyle, Jan, it’s good to see you again.”
“Same here?” Jan told him.
“What’s the story?” Kyle asked.
“Not much to tell I’m afraid,” Luke told Kyle, “Luckily I’ve recruited many Jedi to replace the ones who died on Korriban.”
“Okay,” Kyle told Luke, “Well I guess Jan and I should get settled in.”
“Wait Kyle, I need to talk to you,” Luke told Kyle, “In my chamber. We won’t be disturbed there.”

Luke led Kyle up to his chamber on the top floor. The last time Kyle was in Luke’s chamber was before he went to Taspir III with Jaden to find Rosh. Luke sat down on his mat.
“Kyle, I have an apprentice for you to train.” Luke told Kyle.
“Yeah, who?” Kyle asked.
“She is a young woman who has a lot of potential to become a Jedi Knight.” Luke told Kyle.
The large door behind them opened. A young Human female entered. She had long, silky, blonde hair and deep brown eyes. Her skin was tanned. She wore a black, ribbed jacket and brown trousers with black boots.
“This is Kiara Tann.” Luke told Kyle.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Kiara told Kyle.
“Same here.” Kyle told her.
“Well it’s time for Kiara to be trained,” Luke told Kyle and Kiara, “Good luck and may the Force be with you.”
“Let’s begin with your first lessons,” Kyle told Kiara, “Follow me.”
Kyle led Kiara to the training ground, where Kyle once took his trial.

As soon as Kyle and Kiara arrived near the trial, Kyle opened a small hole.
“Get in.” Kyle told her.
“What?” She asked, wondering why Kyle had asked her to go through.
“Just go through,” Kyle told her, “Trust me.”
Kiara decided to listen to Kyle and went through the hole. Kiara was sliding down a small slope into a training room. Kiara knew what she was supposed to do. Here she would learn her basic Force powers.

It was late at night and Kiara was still in her trials. Luke would greet her as soon as she finished. Kyle felt tired and decided to rest. Jan had already gone to bed. As soon as Kyle got into bed, he drifted off into a deep sleep.

“Rosh.” Jaden said.
“Jaden.” Rosh said back.
“You don’t look like much of a captive Rosh,” Jaden said angrily, igniting his orange Lightsaber, “Did you dream this up? Or was it Tavion’s idea?”
”No Jaden wait, I was wrong,” Rosh told Jaden, “Please, take me back to the Academy, I need help.”
Jaden’s anger was rising and he was coming closer to Rosh. He felt like he could kill him.
“Jaden stay back,” Rosh warned, using the Force to push several boxes together, “Please don’t hurt me.”
“You tried to kill me and now you’ve lured me into a trap!” Jaden shouted at Rosh, using the Force to push the boxes.
“Jaden I was scared,” Rosh told Jaden, feeling scared himself, “You have to believe me, we’re friends remember? Let’s get out of here before Alora comes back.”
Jaden was having none of it. He leapt towards Rosh and raised his Lightsaber at him.
“How do I know you won’t betray you again?” Jaden asked, “You’re always trying to beat me. How do I know this isn’t another trick?”
Down below in the Taspir III facility, Kyle tried to contact with Jaden.
“Jaden don’t do it.”
Up above, Tavion’s apprentice, Alora tried to turn him to the dark side.
“Finish him Jedi!” She shouted.
Jaden listened to her and raised his Lightsaber at Rosh’s abdomen.
“Wait! Listen to what you’re saying!” Rosh shouted, “You’re angry. Don’t give into it. That leads to the dark side right?”
Jaden grabbed Rosh and pushed him onto a box. Jaden could hear Kyle’s words again.
“He only fell to the dark side because he was scared, afraid of dying, put away your saber.”
Jaden threw Rosh onto the floor.
“Strike him down! Give in to your anger!” Alora shouted.
“Jaden you’re better than that,” Kyle told Jaden, “Don’t give in to your anger, Rosh is telling the truth.”
Jaden felt really angry. So angry, he could kill Rosh, Alora, Tavion and Kyle all at the same time. This must be what the dark side felt like. Jaden loved it. Having power that he had never had before and scaring people. He decided to kill Rosh. He raised his Lightsaber and brought it down onto Rosh’s shoulder. Rosh yelled out in pain and staggered to the door. Jaden picked him up again.
“Jaden no, let go of your anger.” Rosh pleaded.
“Why should I?” Jaden asked angrily, “You yourself said how powerful the dark side was.”
“I was wrong.” Rosh told Jaden.
“No you were weak.” Jaden told Rosh angrily.
“Jaden no!” Rosh pleaded.
Jaden pushed his Lightsaber into Rosh’s abdomen. Rosh yelled in pain. Jaden let Rosh collapse onto the floor.
“Well done Jedi,” Alora told Jaden, “Join us and together with Marka Ragnos as our Master, we can destroy the Jedi and serve him.”
“Join you!” Jaden shouted angrily, “Why should I trade one Master for another? The scepter is too powerful to be in the hands of someone as weak as Tavion. If anything it should belong to me!”
“Oh you think so?” Alora asked laughing.
“You on the other hand are useless,” Jaden told her, “I should have killed you on Hoth.”
“You won’t get a second chance,” Alora told Jaden, “Tavion has taught me much since then.”
Alora shot a small bolt of Lightning at Jaden. Jaden and Alora fought for several minutes. By the time Kyle got there, Alora had been killed and Jaden had left for Korriban to kill Tavion.
“Rosh!” Kyle shouted.
He ran over to Rosh, who was near death. Rosh looked up to see his Master.
“I’m sorry,” Rosh told Kyle, “Jaden has turned. You’ve lost both your students.”
“No,” Kyle told Rosh firmly, “You are a Jedi.”
“Thank you.” Rosh whispered.
And with that he died.

Kyle woke up. It was just a dream. It wasn’t any ordinary dream. It was a dream of how Jaden fell to the dark side. Maybe it wasn’t even a dream. Maybe it was a vision. Kyle decided to get up. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and put on his clothes.
“What are you doing Kyle?” A voice asked.
Kyle looked behind him. It was Rosh. As a Force ghost.
“Rosh how did you?” Kyle asked.
“Your father, Morgan Katarn, has taught me the path to immortality.” Rosh told Kyle.
“That was lucky,” Kyle said finally, “What are you doing here anyway?”
“There is something you must know,” Rosh told Kyle, “In several hours time, Jaden will attack the Academy. You must leave while you can, before it’s too late.”
“I must tell Luke.” Kyle told Rosh.
“He already knows,” Rosh told Kyle, “He’s sensed it as well as I.”
“So what do we do now?” Kyle asked.
“As I’ve said before, leave before it is too late.” Rosh told Kyle.
Rosh disappeared and Kiara entered. She sat at the end of Kyle’s bed.
“Are you alright?” She asked.
“Don’t worry Kiara,” Kyle told her, “I just met an old friend.”
“So what do we do tomorrow Master Katarn?” Kiara asked.
“I don’t know,” Kyle told her, “And please, just call me Kyle.”

Stay tuned for Chapter IX The Assault on Yavin IV
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