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Chapter IX
The Assault on Yavin IV

There was a disturbance in the Force. Malus could feel it. Kyle had a new apprentice. Malus decided to be extra cautious of Kyle and anyone he was with. Officer Starkiller approached Malus. RedHawke and Caos were also there.
“You summoned me my lord.” Officer Starkiller told Malus.
“Yes, I want you to prepare an army to invade Yavin IV.” Malus told Officer Starkiller.
“When for?” Officer Starkiller asked.
“When I tell you,” Malus told him, “Now RedHawke, I want you to go to Yavin IV and scout the area. If any Jedi notice you, kill them.”
“Yes my lord.” RedHawke said.
RedHawke left to go to Yavin IV. Malus knew that RedHawke was up to something.

The rise of dawn appeared on Yavin IV. Kiara had woken up earlier to train herself while Kyle, Luke and the other Jedi were asleep. Kiara decided to go out and take a walk around Yavin IV. She hadn’t been away from the Academy, since she’d been there.

RedHawke landed on Yavin IV. He got out of his Tie Fighter and explored Yavin IV. He had landed a mile away from the Academy. In the distance, he saw a young woman walking. RedHawke noticed a Lightsaber in her belt. He got out his Lightsaber and ran towards the woman. The woman immediately got out her purple Lightsaber and blocked RedHawke’s attack. RedHawke passed the woman. The woman became suspicious.
“Whoever that was, come on out!” She shouted, “Nobody messes with Kiara Tann.”
“Really?” RedHawke asked, igniting his Lightsaber.
Both Kiara and RedHawke ran towards each other, fighting with their lives. Their Lightsabers clashed together. RedHawke pushed Kiara backwards, causing her to fall over. RedHawke prepared to stab her, but she leapt back avoiding the Lightsaber. She ran off. RedHawke knew she would tell the Academy that a Sith had tried to attack her. Perhaps Kiara thought it was Malus. If she did, RedHawke had an advantage. RedHawke decided to return to the Echo, to tell Malus of his failure.

Kiara saw Kyle and Luke, who were already up, training against each other. She ran up towards them.
“Kyle, Master Skywalker, a Sith Lord has just attacked me and…”
“Slow down Kiara,” Kyle told her, “Tell me exactly what happened.”
“Well, I was out for a walk and I was attacked by a Sith Lord?” Kiara told him.
“Was it Jaden?” Kyle asked.
“I don’t think so, “Kiara told him, “He looked nothing like him.”
“Perhaps it is an apprentice of his.” Kyle told her.
“I sense Jaden will attack the Academy,” Luke told them, “Rosh was right, we must prepare to leave the Academy, before it’s too late.”
“Listen Luke, I’m not leaving without a fight.” Kyle told Luke.
“Okay Kyle, but we must leave soon.” Luke told Kyle.

RedHawke landed on the Echo. Caos greeted him. He didn’t look too pleased with RedHawke.
“What are you doing here?” Caos asked bitterly.
“I must see Lord Malus.” RedHawke answered back.
Malus came to greet RedHawke.
“I sense your failure RedHawke.” Malus told RedHawke.
“I know my lord,” RedHawke told Malus, trying to look like he weren’t lying, “I submit any punishment you give.”
“There is no time for punishment,” Malus told RedHawke, “And besides, it was Kyle’s new apprentice. That is the reason why she survived. For now, I shall lead an army to the Academy. Meanwhile I want both you and Caos to steal Luke’s journals.”
“What for my lord?” Caos asked.
“What do you think?” Malus asked, his voice rising, “In Luke’s journals are several Old Republic bases on Planets unknown to the Republic. If I can find them, then I can take them over and make the Imperial Remnant stronger.”
“Right my lord.” Caos said.
“Caos and I shall do as you ask.” RedHawke added.
“Excellent.” Malus said.

Kyle, Jan, Luke and Kiara prepared to fight, along with the other Jedi and the New Republic army. They had set up a small defence around the base and were waiting for the Imperial Remnant to attack. Thanks to the New Republic, they had set up a shield that covered the whole Academy. The Imperial Remnant was sure taking their time in attacking the Academy. All everyone had to do now was to wait for the Imperial Remnant to attack.

The Imperial Remnant landed on Yavin IV. RedHawke and Caos had landed behind the Academy. Malus and his army landed near the Academy, but not to near just so they weren’t seen. His army was a large legion of Stormtroopers, eight AT-STs and four AT-ATs. Malus slowly walked towards the Academy, with his army following him.

Meanwhile, RedHawke and Caos had entered in the back way of the Academy. Luckily for them, the Jedi and the New Republic hadn’t guarded the back way. They had only guarded the front.
“Get the journals,” RedHawke whispered, “I’ll disable the security.”
Caos decided not to argue and he crept through the Academy, being careful in case any security systems hadn’t been turned off or if anyone else were protecting the Academy. Malus had told them that Luke’s journals were in his chamber at the top of the Academy. Soon Caos entered the chamber. The journals were on Luke’s table. Caos grabbed it and he left to meet up with RedHawke. As soon as he returned to RedHawke, they left the Academy and returned to the Echo to wait for Malus to return.

“Fire!” Malus shouted at the AT-ATs.
The AT-ATs started shooting, however the shots disappeared. There must be a shield, Malus thought angrily, The Jedi were very resourceful indeed. Malus stopped the AT-ATs from firing and Malus decided to go inside the shield along with the Stormtroopers. They immediately flanked the Jedi and the New Republic. Many Troops on each side died. Malus ran towards Kyle’s new apprentice and attacked her. Malus noticed Kyle immediately saw his apprentice being attacked and ran towards Malus and stopped him. They talked as they fought.
“Your new apprentice is strong my Master,” Malus told Kyle, “Maybe I can turn her to the dark side.”
“You’ve truly fallen far.” Kyle added.
“You say that all the time, but you know I’ve become much stronger than you, much stronger than Master Skywalker.” Malus told Kyle.
Malus knew that RedHawke and Caos had completed their task. Malus used the Force to push Kyle and Malus ran off.
“Destroy them all!” Malus shouted to his army as he left.
Malus returned to his shuttle and left Yavin IV. There were other places Malus must go to, to increase their power in the Galaxy.

Stay tuned for Chapter X Zaloriis
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