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Chapter XI

Caos and Gevallen prepared to train against each other, with RedHawke watching them. Malus decided to relax. He went to his chamber and meditated. He started to think on his past in the Academy.

“We’ll be arriving at the Academy in just a few minutes!” The Rebel driver announced over the Academy shuttle.
A few minutes. For Jaden Korr, that was alright, however he had a secret, which he didn’t want to tell. It had started a while ago on Coruscant where he was a Promising Student. He was never a Jedi, however he had built a Lightsaber without any specific training. Another eager student interrupted his thoughts.
“That would be so great…” He shouted down the corridor of the Jedi Academy’s shuttles. Everyone ignored him. Including Jaden.
“Aren’t you excited?” He shouted at Jaden, “We’re going to be Jedi, using the Force , building a Lightsaber…” He stopped in his tracks as he saw Jaden’s Lightsaber. “Of course you already have one, I’m going to get one of those stupid training Sabers and…”
“I wouldn’t worry about that.” Jaden interrupted.
“Aren’t you I mean why would you be? You already have a Lightsaber and you’re probably way ahead of me, I’m Rosh Penin by the way.” The student said, “Ahem what’s you’re name.”
“Jaden Korr.” Jaden said.
“So where did you get that Lightsaber?” Rosh asked.
“Well it is kind of a long story, I found myself on…” Jaden said, but a loud bang attacked the shuttle.
The shuttle started to land down on Yavin IV’s surface.

That was the day Jaden and Rosh became Jedi. It was also the day they met Luke and Kyle. Malus thought on his life more.

On Hoth, Jaden had just encountered Alora, Tavion’s Twi’lek apprentice. Jaden entered the abandoned hangar of Echo Base to see Alora talking to her Master on her Comlink.
“Yes Master, Dagobah,” She said, “Skywalker didn’t mention it in his journals. He must have been trying to protect something.”
She turned her Comlink off, feeling Jaden’s prescence behind her.
“You must be that wielding trouble maker that killed our perimeter guard,” Alora told Jaden, “Is the Jedi so stretched they send children to defeat the Disciples of Ragnos?”
Jaden ignited his yellow Lightsaber and ran towards Alora. Alora immediately ignited her red Lightsaber, blocking Jaden’s attack. They fought for several minutes, attacking and blocking each other’s attacks. Alora pushed Jaden backwards and tried to stab him, however he rolled over to the side, avoiding Alora’s attack. Jaden leapt up and ran towards Alora. They fought again until Alora leapt onto a rock and then on a pipe. Jaden had followed her from behind and had stayed on the rock.
“We’ll meet again welp!” Alora told Jaden.
She left the hangar.
“I can’t wait.” Jaden commented.

That was Malus’ first encounter with Alora.

In Bast Castle on Vjun, Jaden ran in a room to see Rosh. He had the scepter in his hand. He turned around to see Jaden.
“I sense your prescence Jaden.” Rosh told Jaden.
“Rosh? What are you doing here?” Jaden asked.
“The Disciples of Ragnos brought me,” Rosh told Jaden, “At first I thought they were going to kill me. But I was wrong about them.”
Jaden couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“Do you realise how much power there is in the dark side?” Rosh continued, “Kyle was holding us back Jaden, you should feel the power. It’s beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.”
“Rosh what are you saying?” Jaden asked, “You’re a Jedi.”
Rosh fell to the floor thinking. His two servants came up to him.
“No…” Rosh started, “I’m a…”
“Enough talk!” The servant shouted.
“Rosh destroy this puny Jedi so we can complete our task!” The other servant shouted at Rosh.
“Yes,” Rosh said finally, “If you’re too weak to join us Jaden. Then we can’t let you stand in our way.”
He ignited his new red Lightsaber and Jaden ignited his yellow Lightsaber. They ran towards each other attacking each other. Occasionally, Rosh’s servants tried to heal him, but Jaden threw his Lightsaber at them. They were killed and Rosh was alone. Jaden and Rosh fought for several more minutes, until Jaden caught Rosh off guard and Rosh tripped up. This was Jaden’s first touch with the dark side. He was about to kill Rosh until Kyle stopped Jaden. Kyle ran towards them.
“Kyle… I…” Rosh started, but was interrupted.
A burst of Lightning tripped Kyle up.
“Did you think I’d give up my new apprentice so easily?” A woman asked, pulling the scepter towards her.
“Tavion.” Kyle commented.
“You should have killed me when you had the chance Katarn,” Tavion told him, “Your pathetic mercy is a weakness that shall cost you your life. And the life of your Academy’s students.”
She looked at Rosh.
“But not you my dear Rosh. Come.” She told Rosh.
“Yes Tavion.” Rosh said.
“Rosh no!” Jaden shouted.
“Fool, your petty friendship can not compete with the power of the dark side.” Tavion told Jaden.
“So is this what it’s come too Tavion?” Kyle asked, “Stealing scraps of the Force like some intergalactic parasite.”
“Spare me your self-righteous pity Katarn!” Tavion shouted, “You may have shamed me when you spared my life. But that was before I found this. Now I have a new Master. One who has promised me the power to destroy you and all the Jedi.”
“Ragnos?” Kyle asked, “What can a dead Sith Lord give you?”
“Everything I have ever wanted, “Tavion told Kyle, “Not that you’ll be around to see.”
Jaden threw his Lightsaber and Tavion noticed it. She used the scepter to destroy the Lightsaber and the ceiling. Tavion and Rosh escaped, while Kyle tried to hold the rocks up. Jaden used Kyle’s Lightsaber to break through the floor.
“I can’t keep this up for long.” Kyle commented.
“Hold on.” Jaden told him.
Jaden finished cutting the hole and him and Kyle dropped through the hole.

Malus stopped thinking about his past. His memories as a Jedi were useful. Thanks to the Jedi, he had fallen to the dark side and now he wielded the power that Tavion and Marka Ragnos would never have. Malus decided to attack the heart of the Republic. Coruscant. His homeworld.

Stay tuned for Chapter XII The Taking of Coruscant
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