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Chapter XII
The Taking of Coruscant

Malus entered the bridge on the Echo. Officer Starkiller was there, along with RedHawke, Caos and Gevallen. Malus noticed that they were already above Coruscant.
“Officer, how did you know that I wanted to go to Coruscant?” Malus asked.
“I didn’t my lord,” Officer Starkiller told Malus, “We were just passing.”
“Stay in orbit of Coruscant,” Malus told him, “We shall retake Coruscant in the name of the Imperial Remnant and the Sith.”
Before Malus and the others could take Coruscant over, a blaster shot hit the Echo. Malus looked out to see a large New Republic fleet attacking them. He went over to the Echo’s large communications array.
“All hands to battle stations,” He shouted, “Repeat. All hands to battle stations.”

Six TIE Fighters approached the large New Republic fleet. The group of TIEs split up into two groups of three. Both groups had targeted a single X-Wing in their sights. Like a hawk on a Womp Rat, both groups fired on their prey, tearing the X-Wings apart. Malus smiled. The Imperial Pilots were well trained in their jobs. Just when he thought that everything was going fine, reinforcements attacked the group of TIEs, tearing them apart. Malus noticed Officer Starkiller ordering reinforcements. Malus noticed several more TIEs going to attack the fleet. Luckily, the TIEs managed to pass the X-Wings and landed inside the New Republic capital ship. Malus went to his shuttle, along with his apprentices and prepared to land on Coruscant. Soon the heart of the Republic shall soon be the heart of the Imperial Remnant and the Sith.

The shuttle landed on Coruscant. Luckily nobody on Coruscant suspected them arriving. Malus, Caos and Gevallen ignited their Lightsabers and prepared to take Coruscant. Soon the Imperial Remnant army landed on Coruscant. The New Republic army prepared to defend Coruscant.

Luke was leading the New Republic army. Kyle, Kiara and all the other Jedi were with him. Both the New Republic army and the Imperial Remnant army ran towards each, firing at each other. Many people died on each side. Kyle saw Malus charging towards the abandoned Jedi Temple. Kyle ran towards his ex-apprentice hoping to stop him, but Caos blocked him.
“If you want to get past me, then you’ll have to kill me.” He warned Kyle.
“That doesn’t stop me.” Kyle told him, trying to attack him.
Caos blocked the attack, with his two Lightsabers and pushed Kyle. Caos was about to stab Kyle, when Kiara blocked the attack. Caos growled and attacked her. Kyle noticed Lightsabers and Blaster Rifles blazing everywhere. War had begun on Coruscant. Kyle got up and tried to catch up with Malus, before it was too late.

Gevallen leapt in front of Luke. She ignited her red Saberstaff.
“Hello Master Skywalker.” She said.
“Farra Koo,” Luke said, “I’m glad to see you’re alive.”
“Well I’m not!” Gevallen shouted, “I had hoped to see you dead, but no you’re still alive.”
Luke was shocked at what he was hearing. This was not the apprentice he had trained.
“Jaden will lead you to death and destruction.” Luke told her.
“Jedi lies!” Gevallen yelled.
Luke and Gevallen ran towards each other. They fought for several minutes, looking for a weakness in each other. Luke had trained her too well.

Kyle climbed up the Jedi Temple, following Malus. Malus was trying to climb to the top and announce victory of the Imperial Remnant and the Sith.
“Jaden come back to the Light!” Kyle shouted, “Face up to what you’ve done! I can help you!”
Malus turned to see his ex-Master following him.
“You’re too late Kyle!” Malus shouted, “I’m the most powerful Sith in the Galaxy!”
He dropped onto Kyle and kicked him through the window. They were in the old Council meeting room where Masters Yoda, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi had once met.
“This time Kyle, it’s a fight to the death!” Malus shouted.

Stay tuned for Chapter XIII Return of the Jedi
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