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Chapter XIII
Return of the Jedi

Malus slowly walked towards his wounded Master and circled around him. Malus ignited his Lightsaber and prepared to deliever the final attack. Without expecting it, Kyle pushed Malus away from him. Malus fell backwards onto several chairs. Kyle weakly got up and grabbed his Lightsaber.
“The Sith won’t win today Jaden!” He shouted confidently.
Malus got up.
“You’ve always been arrogant Kyle!” Malus shouted.
“It doesn’t matter, until I’ve killed you.” Malus told him.
Before either Malus or Kyle could attack again, Luke entered the room, killing several Imperial Guards behind him. RedHawke had followed him.
“Well isn’t this nice?” Kyle asked, “A reunion.”
“Be quiet Kyle!” Malus shouted, “Prepare to die!”
Malus ran towards Kyle attacking him. Luke joined with Kyle to help him. RedHawke stayed and watched them fight. This was entertainment. Lights of blue, green and red Lightsabers blurred about all over the room. The heat of the Lightsabers bounced back onto their faces, causing them to sweat. Malus pushed Kyle backwards and fought Luke. Luke was much stronger than Kyle. He seemed more relaxed. Malus eventually stabbed at Luke’s leg, causing him to fall over.
“RedHawke!” Malus shouted, “Do your worst!”
RedHawke prepared to shoot large bolts of Lightning at them.

Up above Coruscant, the New Republic fleet managed to overun the Imperial Remnant fleet. Officer Starkiller was panicking, trying to find an TIE Fighter. Luckily for him, there was one and he managed to escape the Echo’s destruction.

The now reedemed Farra and Kiara cleared up the messes on Coruscant. The Imperial Remnant had been chased off Coruscant and were retreating. The New Republic managed to destroy some of their ships from escaping. Luckily, none of the civilians had been killed or injured. They were all just in shock from the recent events.

Meanwhile in the Jedi Temple, Luke and Kyle were screaming out in pain. RedHawke’s power was strong, strong enough to kill anybody in five minutes.
“Jaden! Help!” Kyle shouted.
Malus looked at both Kyle, Luke and RedHawke. He didn’t know what to do. Could he return to the Light Side? Could he destroy the Sith forever? Malus once again looked at Kyle, Luke and RedHawke. Malus ran towards RedHawke, but his Lightsaber was blasted out of his hand. Malus raised his hands and shot his own bolts of Lightning at RedHawke. Malus would use the rest of his power to save both Kyle and Luke. Kyle and Luke watched in shock as Malus tried to resist the Lightning. Malus pushed himself harder to try to kill RedHawke. Malus’ power increased, but it wasn’t enough to kill RedHawke. Kyle got up and threw his Lightsaber at RedHawke. It was stuck in RedHawke’s chest. He yelled in pain and Malus used the last of his power to kill RedHawke. RedHawke collapsed onto the floor. Dead. Malus also collapsed. Kyle and Luke ran to see him.
“I’m sorry Kyle…” Malus said weakly, “I tried.”
“Didn’t I tell you, that you would return to the Light?” Kyle asked, several tears dropping from his eyes.
“I suppose you did,” Malus told Kyle, laughing in agony, “I’m sorry for everything. I was a failure.”
“No Jaden you aren’t a failure,” Luke told Malus confidently, “You are Jaden Korr, a true Jedi.”
“Thanks,” Jaden said weakly, “I don’t want to die.”
“You won’t die.” Kyle told him.
“The Force will allow you to live on,” Luke told him, “You are good.”
“Thank you.” Jaden said and with his final words, he died.
As Rogue Squadron flew over the Jedi Temple, Kyle and Luke felt the peace in Jaden that hadn’t been there for some time.

Several hours passed. On Yavin IV a private funeral was set for Jaden. The people to see him go were Jaden’s parents, Lordo, Michaela, his Droids JK-47, RC-62, and finally Kyle and Luke. They all stayed to watch Jaden until the fires burnt out. As it did so, Kyle and Luke saw Jaden, Rosh and Morgan Katarn watch them from behind. The Force had it’s ways, Kyle thought happily. Lordo, Michaela, JK-47 and RC-62 left, not noticing Jaden.
“May the Force be with you.” Luke called out to Jaden’s parents.
The Force was with them today. There was peace in the Galaxy. The Force truly did have it’s ways.

The End
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