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here's the next part...
funny fact: I have recently seen the 2005 re-edit of Return of the Jedi. At the end, it shows Naboo. And it's just the same as in the factorys or destroyed landscape whatsoever. To bad this part was already written when i saw it

Part 4: Don’t Panic
Han Solo was plotting a course for Bespin. He had just escaped the Imperial fleet hiding himself in a garbage dump. He was thinking of Luke. The boy was very dear to him, ever since that day in Mos Eisley. And he had no idea that Luke was doing now.
“He could even be dead..” He silently thought.
“No…he’s always lucky. He’s still alive.” He said.
A women in the back seat turned around.
“Did you say something, Han?”
“No…it’s nothing…”
“You are worried about Luke, aren’t you?”
Han sighed. Since Chewbacca and the droids had left for the main hold, he and Leia hadn’t spoken. And now she expected him to talk…about his worries, fears, and more.
“What’s bothering you, Han?”
“That we still haven’t heard from Luke, and the fact that we are flying towards Bespin.”
“Ehrm. You said Lando was a friend of yours.”
“Hehe. You shouldn’t take everything is say literally, princess.”
“I know…”
She remembered the day that he left, with some big crates of money. He had saved her, together with an Ben and Luke. She expected him to stay and fight. But he left.
But when they were about to lose at the Death Star, he was there. He destroyed several ships, and gave Luke the space to shoot.
And Lucky Luke wasn’t Lucky Luke if it had missed.
She sighed. There was so much about this ‘smuggler’ she didn’t know. He came from Corellia alright. And had some contacts with the Wookies. That was about it.
“How far is it?”
“Bespin is only a few days away.”


Rokar was trying to plot a course. He suddenly realised he didn’t have a destination to put in.
He sighed, and walked to the main room, where Nykee was studying some datapads.
He walked up to her, and looked at the datapads. There were some codes on it.
“I have no clues whatsoever. Is there anyplace you want to go?”
“What planets does your data mention?”
“Naboo and Coruscant.”
“Corsucant is out of the question. To well guarded”
“Naboo it is, then.”
He was amazed by the logics in her answer. It was obvious that she had done things like this before, making decisions under pressure.
He walked back to the cockpit, and started plotting a course for Naboo.
He suddenly felt sorry for the Rebels. He always loved to fight by their side in battle. His story was the same as Solo’s, realy. When he was first contacted by Wedge, back when he was a mercenary, he thought it was a joke. Rebellion? Against the Empire? He laughed at Wedge, as he walked out of the cantina were they’d met.
Two days later, an imperial convoy was destroyed. In an attempt to save their faces, the Imperials blamed it on some ‘rogues’ and ‘pirates.’ But Rokar knew better. He searched out Wedge again, and became a rebel. He even received pay checks for his mercenary work.
He sighed. He had never expected the Rebellion to be this well-organised. They had everything: Space Fighters, Bombers, Speeders, weapons, agents.
He sighed another time. And they had Skywalker. A Jedi! Now the odds were even. The Imperials had Lord Vader, the Rebellion had Luke Skywalker.
He programmed the auto-pilot, and went to sleep in his chair, unaware of the dangers ahead.


Naboo had lost all of it’s former glory. Instead of forests and waterfalls, huge factory’s and smog filled the landscape. It rained. The planet was damaged by the years of pollution and destruction. As the Utopian Eagle soared across the muddy plains, Rokar saw a city at the horizon. “Theed…” he thought, and he called Nykee.
She entered the cockpit, and sat down at the co-pilot’s chair. She looked outside the window, with glazing eyes.
“Is something wrong, Nykee?”
“No…it’s just…this planet has been mutilated so heavily. I can feel it’s scars….”
“Yeah…it used to be real pretty before the Clone Wars, they say.”
They flew on, and asked permission to land. When the Imperial commander asked for their signature, Rokar lied. Nykee was shocked:
“But…if they find out…”
“They won’t. Trust me on this one.”
After a few minutes, the com suddenly beeped. A young man with dark hair appeared on the screen.
“Hey! Rokar! Long time no see, aye?”
“Exactly, Bif. It’s nice to see you’re still doing well!”
“Yeah. The Imperials seem to keep out of this place, after what they have done to the landscape.”
“We just saw it…it’s terrible.”
“Not half as terrible as what they did to the graves and churches here in Theed.”
“What did they do?”
“They…they replaced them with statues of the Emperor, like they wanted to erase the old Republic completely. It’s a scar upon Naboo’s face, I tell you.”
“Must be one hell of a creepy place, with all those statues of that freak-show around.”

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