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[FIN]Betrayal and Retribution: Potential Energy

Betrayal and Retribution

after much consideration, this story is going to recieve much attention in the form of editting, enhancement, and reorganization. what has been posted will remain largely untouched with the exception of minor editting. in other words, no major changes are planned for what is already written.

however, the last four parts within this thread that deal directly with Jeez, Miranda, and setup for another section of the plot will be moved to a new thread and will likely be reorganized to fit a newer storyline that i've developed. the rest of this story will be split up at appropriate intervals in seperate threads due to the overall story's length.

the upcoming subplots will include:
  • multiple events leading up to the Clone Wars (1-2 threads)
  • several important battles from within the Clone Wars (2-3 threads)
  • Order 66 (one thread)
  • the aftermath and final culmination of the overarching plot (1-2 threads)

it is a bit ambitious, but the ends will definately justify the means. besides, it's my goal to finish this before the end of 2006, so i still have lots of time on my hands. links to the other threads will be posted below.


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