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I've always hated this part.

The man walked up to the small, and apparantly armed, frieghter.

And if its armed, that means the owner is probably some pompous bastard.

The outer hatch opened, and the man was greeted by what appeared to be a very plain man. Well, with the exception of the heavily scarred face, the man appeared to be quite plain. And not a blaster in sight. The docking officer quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Although most people wouldn't notice something so subtle, the frieghter pilot had to hide the smile that was trying to creep to his face. He knew that this Docking Officer had seen the turbolaser attachments on his ship and had been afraid he might force him to do something against the rules.

"Welcome to Corellia Public Docking Module 230582. Since you are an unscheduled dock, I'll need to see your official cargo and passenger manifest and some Personal Identification," the Docking Officer just about quoted.
"As you wish," the pilot responded. The pilot already had them ready and handed them over to the Official. The Officer quickly looked over the manifest, which didn't indicate anything more than personal effects. Pressing a button on the datapad, the official then took a look at the ID the pilot presented.

"Alright Mr. Fe'ra, everything appears to be in order. Is your visit for business or pleasure?"
"Both, actually. I'm picking something up for my employer, but I also plan on taking a day or two to enjoy the beautiful locations here."
"Have you ever been to Corellia before?"
"A couple of times, but never long enough to enjoy it."

"Very well, you are aware that all unscheduled docks are fined 100 credits as declared by Section 079853 Order 23 of the Corellian Docking Authority Act?"
"Yes, I've been informed. Here are the credits you need," Fe'ra stated as he handed over the credits.
"Alright Mr. Fe'ra. Enjoy your stay here at Corellia. Have a good day," the officer quoted without enthusiasm while handing the datapad back to Fe'ra.
"Thank You."

As the Docking Officer walked off, Jango Fett, which was Mr. Fe'ra's real name, went back into his ship and placed the datapad back in its storage compartment. Although it hadn't really been necessary to hide his identity from Corellian Docking Authority, Jango knew that people talk, and having a docking officer start running his mouth about how the bounty hunter Jango Fett had just arrived at Correllia wasn't exactly what he wanted. Rumors were the last thing he needed if he was going to get the man he was after. Jango sat down in front of his database computer and opened the file back up on the man.

He was a bar owner, and supposedly ran a very reputable bar. Of course, having a good reputation tends to attract higher ranking persons to enjoy an evening, especially with recommendations from locals. And that's exactly what attracted Jabba the Hutt to his bar on a very rare visit to anywhere besides Nar Shadaa, Nal Hutta, or Tatooine whenever Jabba wanted to discuss something with a client. Or at least someone that didn't want to die at the hands of Jabba's henchmen, Jango thought to himself. At any rate, this bar owner, a human with the name of Tiralia, refused service to Jabba. Of course angered by Tiralia's refusal of service, Jabba threatened him with his entourage of guards, which quickly prompted Tiralia to notify Corellian Authorities. It was probably Tiralia's biggest mistake of he would ever make to refuse service to a Hutt. Of course, this made sure that Jango was now under the employ of Jabba the Hutt, but if there's credits to be made, it didn't matter who you worked for. And it doesn't matter if this guy is dead or alive. Still, its about 45,000 more if he's alive.

It was already getting late on Corellia, and Jango needed to scout out his target before he made his move. Jango quickly switched off the computer and headed back outside Slave I, his personal ship. Jango closed the hatch and tapped in a short series of commands that activated the security system. Jango knew that he'd have to take things a bit slow, and of course, remain somewhat anonymous. Jango made his way over to the public transportation module. Lots of people were out, and the transport that would take him to his target's sector was packed full of people. Many of them were younger in age and were probably heading out for a night of fun, sex, and endless Corellian Ale. Jango smiled to himself as he made his way to the transport. It had been some time since he had last been with a woman. Perhaps tonight was the night? No. I'm here for business only. No pleasure tonight, Jango thought as the smile quickly faded. As the doors closed on the packed transport, Jango sighed softly to himself. He loved his line of work, but there were many prices he had paid to get it. And he wasn't about to do something that cost him further. The last thing he needed was personal attachment.

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