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The Twi'lek man downed the last of his cocktail of juma juice and corellian ale. Then, without looking, he backhanded the human woman that was standing beside him. The woman let out a brief yelp as she felt the impact of the strike. Tears came to her eyes, and she did her absolute best to hold back herself from lunging at him.

"You are lucky you are so beautiful, Quiinzara. If it wasn't for that, I would have killed you long ago for your continued disobediance," the Twi'lek stated. He finally turned to look at her out of the corner's of his eyes and then looked forward again. "Time and time again I have shown you leniance and mercy but yet you continue to test your limits. But that time has come to an end, Quiinzara. For tonight, you shall once and for all prove to me that I no longer have to concern myself with your disobediance, am I correct Quiinzara?"

Quiinzara swallowed the lump of hatred that had seemingly formed in her throat. How she wanted to just scream at him that she hated her job with a passion, and that she hated his tyranical rule over her and the rest of the whores that were under his control. The inside corners of her eyes lowered in anger as she breathed in short, deep breaths. She once again longed for the day when she would be able to press the edge of a blade through the middle of his throat. But today was not that day.

"Yes sir," she said with vieled anger. The Twi'lek raised his chin and lowered his eyes, sensing her anger through her words. Without hesitating, he backhanded her again, this time hard enough to knock her backwards onto the floor. He then turned his head and sneared at her with his own anger rising to the surface. "You WILL respect me, Shutta. Hate me all you would like, but you will never free yourself from me. As many young women of Ryloth know from birth, you now understand: your life is to offer the services of your body and nothing more. And if you can't understand that, then you truely are of no use to me. Then you will understand this: you will never be able to offer yourself to anyone ever again as I will personally end your miserable existance. Is that clear, Shutta?" the pimp asked her. Once again holding back tears, Quiinzara could do nothing more than to respond with, "Yes sir".

"Good. Now get yourself cleaned up for the night and get yourself out on the streets. And know this: if you can't bring me back something of value tonight, your service to me will be finished. Now get the **** out of my sight."

Music played softly in the backround as many of the elite of the galaxy had come to socialize, debate, and have a bit of fun. It was a common sight to catch glimpses of Senators and the tremendously wealthy from across the galaxy. The people had come from many places such as Alderaan, Naboo, Corellia, and of course, Coruscant. One couple, however, was garnering a bit of gossip that night because of the escort they had with them: Jedi Knight Tsunin Uralai. The young Jedi was making an attempt to understand the politics of the Senate and had figured that the night's event would prove to be a valuable insight into her studies. After contacting the Overwatcher family, who were local supporters of the Jedi Order and even made contributions to its finances, Tsunin was able to make it to the event.

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