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(continued from previous post)

"Alderaan appriciates your support, Senator Palpatine, but eventually the Trade Federation will back down. The Neimoidians have never been ones to be confrontational, and they'll be the ones to back down in this case," Senator Bail Antillies stated. A prominent and respected Senator of Alderaan, those in the immidiate circle understood that he was telling the truth. "That may be true, but in time, the Trade Federation may prove to be more confrontational than you suspect. Unless action is taken now, while your system is under scrutiny, the Trade Federation will soon cease to take the initiative to back down. And the Neimoidians have a much larger security force than either of our systems that could easily be used to coerce our governments into a treaty that we would not want to hold," Palpatine responded.

Just outside of the circle, Tsunin just about did a double take. In her studies of the Trade Federation in Galactic politics, Senator Palpatine's rebuttal to Senator Antillies didn't make a lot of sense. A blockade or even invasion was too risky a move for even the Trade Federation. The Federation had enough clout in the Senate that they should hardly ever need to use such risky tactics. Senator Palpatine almost sounded like he was on the inside of some sort of plot.

"The Trade Federation may be a greedy lot looking to maximize their profits through outright control of shipping lanes, but that does not make them aggressors of that sort. They wouldn't dare to be so bold," Senator Antillies responded. Lifting up his chin ever so slightly, Palpatine replied, "Then for all of our sakes, I pray that you are correct in this matter, Senator Antillies."

Tsunin shook her head. How could politicians manage to take such differing viewpoints but still manage to support each other? Despite her attempts to understand the workings of the Senate, she was beginning to see Master Dooku's point about politics being much more confusing than they ought to be. Tsunin walked away from the group to join her companions for the night: the Overwatchers.

An influential couple, the Overwatchers had made a fortune by simply investing in various organizations and reaping high rewards for them. Although they would seem a bit too rich considering their investment choices, the Overwatchers were also adament supporters of different Senators. As for being supporters of the Jedi Order, well, no one was quite sure why, although Tsunin believed it was more of a political statement to gain supporters among the Senate. It made sense since the Jedi Order had a number of very influential supporters in the Senate. From her studies of politics, Tsunin did understand that having influence on the Senate could lead to a number of advantages, although one did have to be careful about turning yourself into a lobbyist. But making friends among Senators, as evidence of the night's event, wasn't exactly classified as lobbying.

"So, have you managed to uncover any secrets about the Senate?" Mr. Overwatcher asked. "Not really. I just can't seem to understand why Senators would support each other on some issues and then try to push some type of agenda. Why can't they just come to a consensus and move along?" Tsunin replied.
"Simple: they're Senators. You'll soon come to find that everyone has an agenda that they think will be beneficial to their respective governments. But more importantly, they're looking for more political power in the form of influence. They have to strike a balance between the two or risk losing their seat to someone else. Then they would have no power whatsoever."
"So, this whole thing is about trying to play things out to your own advantage rather than everyone else's? I thought the whole point of politics was to help the masses, not the elite."
"Well, you can't expect everyone to act like a Jedi, now can you?"

"Then it is all truely the same ongoing story, isn't it? Where you have those that suppress the less fortunate in the name of power and money?" Tsunin asked with distaste.

"That's what a System Government's job is: to make sure that the common populace isn't being suppressed. The Senate has made sure that it is a guarenteed right to all Repbulic Citizens."
"Then why do the Senators need more power?"
"Influence, my dear Jedi. Influence. Nothing can ever be acomplished in the Senate without influence. Just look at the Senators that propose the most laws and acts, and then take a look at the Senators that make sure those proposals become law. The difference is influence."

With that, Mr. Overwatcher took another sip from his Onderanian Martini. Mrs. Overwatcher then looked directly at Tsunin and said, "But don't worry too much about it, my dear. You're a Jedi. You don't have to worry about these things the way we do."
"But I'm trying to learn. I guess the real question is why do you guys bother with it? I mean, if politics is about influence, then why do you bother trying if you're not apart of the Senate? Well, officially apart of the Senate."
"Well, contrary to the image that we have to present ourselves as to the Senate, we truely do have no real agenda other than that we want to help those that need help as much as we can. That's the real reason we support the Jedi. The Jedi are guardians of peace and the overall good, and that's why we want to help."

As the night continued, Tsunin did her best to understand politics with her newfound insight from the Overwatchers, but she still didn't entirely understand. Perhaps there was more factors than simply influence, or perhaps there were outside forces that had influence of their own. Either way, she didn't understand it too well.

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