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Yun finished his cocktail. It had been over a half-hour since the man had gone into the back to be with the prostitute he ordered. Yun had made a point to follow the man's progress into the back through the Force. By concentrating just slightly on the man, Yun could tell whenever the man had stopped to meet his woman for the night. Yun could also tell whenever the man had gone down a series of hallways and finally arrived in the room. As passions began to ignite between the two, Yun stopped concentrating for the sake of staying focused on the mission at hand. Although Yun was a Jedi and followed the Code to the best of his abilities, it was still difficult to not give into the primitive human desires.

Yun had already made up his mind on how he was going to get into the back. Sensing that the other guard was preoccupied with something, Yun took his opportunity. Yun got up and headed straight for the curtained door. "Excuse me, sir, but unless you have a reason to get into the back, I won't be letting you through," the guard stated. Yun concentrated on the guard and looked at him straight in the face. "I need to get in the back. You will let me through," Yun stated. "You need to get in the back. I will let you through, sir," the guard replied. Nothing like an old-fashioned Jedi Mind Trick, Yun thought as the guard opened the curtain for him.

Yun headed towards the location he had felt the man and the prostitute begin their passioned time. Yun sensed a guard up ahead and quickly ducked into a crevice in the wall. "I have a right to check on my property," a man stated. "I'm sorry sir, but you are not allowed in the back. And if you continue to make attempts to get inside, we will escort you outside the cantina," the guard responded.
"Nobody turns me aside like that."

Yun then heard some struggling between the two, and finally some gurgling sounds. Yun felt outwards and realized that the guard was about to die. Yun turned the corner slightly and noticed a Twi'lek man getting up and going into the back carrying a bloodied vibrodagger. Yun quickly and quietly stepped outside his hiding spot towards the mortally wounded guard. Just as Yun reached him, Yun could feel the guard become one the Force. His neck had been slit wide open by the Twi'lek's weapon and fresh blood stained the expensive carpet. Yun quietly reached down and closed the eyes of the dead body and quickly moved on towards back. Curiously, the Twi'lek seemed to be heading to the same room that Yun was heading for. Yun sensed that danger was about to befall the prostitute, and he began to quietly run towards the room. Grabbing the hilt of his lightsaber, Yun wasn't about to let this Twi'lek do anything to the woman.

As Yun turned the last corner, the Twi'lek had just opened the curtain. Yun quickly lashed outwards with the Force, throwing the Twi'lek away from the entrance. As the Twi'lek slowly began to get up, he noticed that Yun was holding a lightsaber. "Wait a second, Jedi. I didn't do anything wrong," the Twi'lek managed to say. "Don't lie to me. What were you about to do to that woman in the other room?" Yun asked as he approached the Twi'lek. The twi'lek began to back away while still laying on his back. "What does it matter? I own her," he replied quivering in fear. Yun realized that he needed to check up on her. Yun quickly looked inside the opened curtain to see the naked back of the woman. The man that had been with her was gone. Yun looked back over to where the twi'lek was, but he was gone. Yun sensed outwards and could feel him running away. Yun just simply let him go and entered the room, shutting the curtain behind him.

Yun took a seat opposite of the bed and noticed a bottle of wine cooling next to the bed on a nightstand. Yun took the bottle out of the cooler and studied the label. A local vineyard. But I'll be darned if this isn't one of the best years Correllia ever had as far as wines go, Yun thought. Curiously, there were three glasses, two had been used, but one glass was still quite clean. Yun raised his eyebrows slightly at this turn of good fortune and decided to pour himself a glass while he waited for the woman to wake up.

Reeon'oliaya finished repairing the generator. "Alright Wilnor, turn it on," Reeon stated as he slowly got up from the ground. The machine slowly began to hum to life. The machine was one of many ancient generators that powered the mining machines used for gathing ryll, a powerful mineral that could be used for medical purposes, although it currently had a much higher value among the Black Market. Ryll was a potent hallucinogen if the dosage was high enough, but it was also an effective painkiller, if used appropriately. The problem was that ryll was extroidinarily effective at baffling the medical community since it had quite unpredictable results when given to patients. Some patients would take the prescribed dosage only to inexplicably overdose. Other patients would take the prescribed amount and it wouldn't do a thing for them unless they took a higer dosage. Of course, those patients would often overdose by doing so. For the most part, this was the reason ryll had pretty much been removed as an effective treatment from the medical community.

But its hallucinogenic properties made it a highly sought after drug for those that wanted to experience a different type of high. Spice was one thing; ryll was a completely different experience. Many described it as an euphoria that was similar to sex without to work your way into it. And it was moderately addictive, making it an even more lucrative trade item for Black Market operators. Of course, the only place in the Galaxy that had it was the planet of Ryloth, homeworld of the Twi'leks, making it a very valuable export. Although most Twi'lek clans sold the ryll legally as a medical supply, just about every clan sold ryll illegally in the Black Market.

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