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Yun stepped outside for a moment and thought for a moment as he remembered the twi'leks words. What does it matter? I own her, he had said. Yun was a bit puzzled for a moment. If he truely did own her, that would up the ante from simple prostitution employment to slavery, Yun thought. And that would mean...

The curtain opened and Yun had to supress himself slightly at the astonishing beauty of the woman. She was dressed in a somewhat conservative black dress that conformed to her body's natural curves with a low cut that draped loosely across her breasts. She was stunning, and Yun could hardly contain himself, even with his Jedi training. Remembering what he just thought, Yun quickly began to feel her body with the Force. Finally, at the base of her brain stem, Yun felt what he had been dreading: a very small explosive set to go off if she left a certain area. And Yun knew that it wasn't uncommon for these devises to be modified to that they will go off whenever the owner enters a code into a transmitter.

"Umm, why don't we head outside for a moment, hmm?" Yun asked rhetorically. As they made their way outside, Yun decided it would be best for him to appear more, well, attached to Quiinzara, so he reached over and clasped her hand. Surprisingly, Quiinzara not only acted as if was something expected, she also moved closer to Yun so that his hand was rubbing against her as they walked as if they were a couple for the night. Yun could hardly stand it as he had never experienced something like this before. D*** code. It never prepares you for everything, Yun thought.

As they finally made it outside the cantina, the crowds were just beginning to ebb. "So, where do we go from here?" Quiinzara asked.
"Well, if you don't mind I'd like to take you my temporary apartment to talk, if you don't mind."
Quiinzara paused for a second. Although this man could be a Jedi, there was no way for her to know for sure. She had heard stories of several enterprising black market factions that would regularly stop by the cantinas and 'steal' the very good prostitutes away from their pimps. She thought that perhaps this one could be better than her current abusive pimp, but again, there was no way to be sure. She thought for just a second and leaned a bit closer to him and purposely brushed up against Yun's lightsaber. "Hey, what's that?" Quiinzara asked, motioning to his lightsaber.
"What do you think it is? Come, these streets are no place to indulge curious people such as yourself as well as other more prying eyes," Yun replied a bit annoyed.

As they made their way through the streets, a twi'lek began to follow them. She carefully felt the edge of the blaster's handle that was holstered on her side. Well, I wonder where she's going now, the twi'lek thought to herself. An 'enforcer' prostitute for her pimp, she had been assigned to shadow Quiinzara for the night and had lost her in the cantina. Not one to appear suspicious, she didn't bother checking the cantina's prostitute registrations to see if Quiinzara was signed on. Instead, she had then notified her employer. Unlike Quiinzara, she was truely a free woman that was operating as a true employee instead being someone that was bought from a couple of smugglers to be a slave. Although he had come to personally check on Quiinzara, the twi'lek felt that it was likely he was going to raise hell and cause a multitude of problems. He seemed to have a knack for doing that as he felt much more powerful than he actually was. As Yun and Quiinzara boarded a transport to take them to a residential area, the twi'lek inconspicuously boarded the same transport just as it began to close the automatic doors. As the transport took off from the pad and headed towards the residential area, she quickly took note of Quiinzara's pickup. Curiously, he was not at all acting like he should. Usually, the men that took in prostitutes for the night would be flirting or kissing on the transports, but not this man. He didn't even appear to be happy as he held her hand, and that only meant one thing: he had come to steal her. Even then, most of these 'prostitute theives' usually knew to make public attempts to at least appear to be taking her in for the night, but this one wasn't even trying. Pompous bastard. He should've thought ahead about this one.

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