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Reeon sighed to himself as he headed for the lift back to the Aoliaya Clan-Homes. Damn. I hate going home to an empty pad all the time, he thought. As he entered the lift and started to close the safety gate, Reeon noticed someone coming down the shaft. "Hold up!!" a female voice yelled, sending suppressed echoes across the shaft. Reeon recognized the voice to be that of his trainee for the past couple of days: the young widowed woman that was looking to start fresh in life. Reeon pushed the metal gate back up and began to cycle through names, but she appeared before he could recall her name. "Thanks, Reeon. The main lift was too full, and I really didn't want to wait," she told him as she entered the lift with Reeon.
"Meh, no problem. Besides, nobody hardly uses this one any more," Reeon replied while closing the safety gate.

Reeon looked her over briefly. She was definately quite young and still retained her youthful beauty, although several scars were visibly noticable on her arms and lekku. It was surprising to Reeon that she hadn't been sold as a slave long ago given that her light violet skin hue was stunningly attractive. Well, at least it tingled Reeon's senses slightly, anyway. Reeon began to wonder, for just a moment why she hadn't remarried. The accident that had left her a widow had been over 8 months ago. Surely there had to be a suitor somewhere, but as Reeon thought about it, he hesitated in acting on it. He was never one to just boldly come out with a question or openly flirt with a woman. Nothing more than a mechanic, he had never bothered with it as he could never truely grasp the right "tool" to use.

"Umm, Reeon, I was wondering, how am I doing? I mean, how close am I to getting you to recommend me for a post?" she suddenly asked, a bit sheepishly. Despite the hum of the lift bringing them to the surface, the sound of the question was enough to shatter the silence. "Well, its only been a couple of days, but you seem to be getting the hang of things pretty well. It probably helps that you know how to navigate a tool box."
"Thanks. I had to help my Father a number of times when I was a child. My only brother was sold before I was born, so the duties of helping your parents fell to me. So, I guess it does help, a little."
"I think it helps a lot. What exactly was he, your father, I mean? Was he a mechanic or.."
"..My Father was a mechanic, yes. He didn't get a chance to teach me much, though. I think it was my mother that insisted that I shouldn't work here in the mines. So much for that, huh?"
"Well, I guess now its for the best. I'll be looking forward to working with you some more. It can get tiring trying to teach these 'younglings' how to do something that they've never tried to do."

The lift finally reached the top, but Reeon hesitated a bit before he opened the safety gate. He really wanted to at least try to become one of her suitors. What the heck? It couldn't hurt any. "Hey, umm, if you want, I'd be more than happy to host you at my place for dinner. I'm not exactly used to company, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to cook," Reeon stated with his heart suddenly racing. Slightly surprised, Ryshai thought for a moment. Reeon wasn't exactly the most attractive man she had ever met, but he was a good mentor on the job. And he was a more rational choice over the hordes of younger men that were constantly inviting her to do things with them, which was partially why she took the job as a mechanic in the first place: to get away from the constant hounding from younger men that didn't even have solid jobs. Of course, this also meant that she could skip from having one of those lousy food rations that she had to settle for every night since she didn't have the proper cooking equipment at her apartment. "Well, I guess, if only for the food. I really wish Offa'ia would start ordering us at my apartment better rations. I'm really getting tired of salted oreggial all the time," she replied while rolling her eyes. "Just let me head back to my apartment to get in some clean clothes. And it'll give you time get things going with the food, OK?"

Now it was Reeon's turn to be surprised. Wooing the opposite sex was definately not his forte. Well, perhaps eight months has been long enough for her to live without a mate. Or she may just want the food, too. Well, it wouldn't be the first time, Reeon thought. Wait a second, what was her name? It was, it was.... Ryshai!! That's it!!

"Umm, that'll be great. And the name's Ryshai, right?" he asked.
"Yep, that would be me. I'll see you in about an hour, OK?" she replied, laughing lightly to herself. "Sure. I'll see you then."

As they turned and walked their seperate ways, Reeon could hardly believe what was happening. He was finally making a move in the direction of marriage. Finally, he was about to make his move up the social ladder, if only by a couple of rungs.

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