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"Wait a second. I can't just go somewhere with you. I have an..."
"...Explosive devise attached to your brain stem that will go off if you venture too far outside of whatever range your owner assigned. I'm well aware of that you can't go too far, but you have to understand that I need evidence to bring before the Jedi Council that a slavery problem exists here on Corellia. So, the plan is not necessarily to take you away, but to remove the devise," Yun replied.
"Well, that's easy for you to say. Its not your life on the line whenever some random surgeon has to both deactivate and remove the **** thing," Quiinzara yelled back angrily.

Now in the apartment Yun had rented out for the duration, they had spent the past ten minutes arguing over what needed to be done now that Quiinzara was in Yun's protection. "Even then, it would all be to free countless lives from the same slavery that's bound you. This isn't all about you; its about everyone that had to live the life that you've had," Yun stated.

"Oh, so now the truth comes out. This isn't about me at all, is it? You just need your bit of 'evidence' that you can bring before your council so you can help everyone else and get all the glory. So much for the Jedi ideal of the selfless individual," Quiinzara replied bitterly. "Hey, wait a second. I'm no hero. And you seem to be forgetting that you'll be a free woman at the end of all this."
"Yeah, and all I have to do is to submit to an extremely risky surgery. I get a 10/90 chance while you get your prize either way."

Yun dropped his head back and rolled his eyes in frustration. Perhaps I need to try another angle, he thought. "Ok, so you dont' want the surgery. Fine, you don't have to go down that road. If you can tell me where to find your former master, I can find out where the transmitter is that controls the 'safety zone' for the devise. Would that be a bit more of a sound plan?"

Quiinzara sighed to herself as she calmed down. "Yeah, I guess. But what are you going to do for me in the meantime? You can't just run off and leave me here. I don't want to be alone," she said as tears started to form in her eyes.
"Hey, look, you're going to be fine. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure that you'll be safe. You have my word on that," Yun replied softly.

Looking up at Yun, her emotions that had been suppressed for so long finally all seemed to burst at once. Falling into Yun's arms, it was as if a dam had broken inside Quiinzara and everything was spilling out as she wept in his arms. Not really expecting such and outpouring of emotion, Yun was at a slight loss and just simply held her. For Yun, however, it was more than just a matter of consoling Quiinzara. As a Jedi, he could feel the tumult of emotion spilling out of her, and he could hardly hold it back from himself. Even as a Jedi, Yun couldn't contain the tears that slowly crept to the corners of his eyes.

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